Kardashians’ Dash Store Sued for Discrimination

Kim Kardashian at the opening of Dash in Miami Beach in March 2014. (Photo: Getty Images)
Kim Kardashian at the opening of Dash in Miami Beach in March 2014. (Photo: Getty Images)

Amid an already rough time for the Kardashian family, one of their businesses is facing a unique lawsuit. The family’s Dash clothing chain, which has shops in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, is being sued for allegedly discriminating against blind customers online.

Andres Gomez has brought a lawsuit against Dash for being inaccessible to visually impaired customers. Gomez, who is legally blind, uses JAWS screen-reader software to access the Internet and says the Dash website is incompatible. While to some, that may just sound like an inconvenience, Gomez contends that it is illegal. Gomez and his lawyers say that it violates the Americans With Disabilities Act, and therefore the company is legally bound to make its content accessible.

This isn’t Gomez’s first time at the rodeo. In June, Gomez hit Urban Outfitters with a similar suit. H&M, Tory Burch, Bally, Hugo Boss, Swatch, and more have also heard from Gomez, who is seemingly posing a one-man war on fashion retail, demanding that it conform to what he says the ADA requires.

“In a world of increasing number of low vision and blind individuals that is expected to double by 2050, it is essential that low vision and blind individuals are not excluded from Web commerce,” Gomez said in his complaint against Urban Outfitters. And these cases aren’t without merit.

Colorado Bag’n Baggage lost a suit brought against the company by another party regarding the ADA. This particular ruling in March seems to have set a precedent, which would explain why Gomez has brought a flood of these lawsuits this year. Lawyers at the time said that it was the first instance anyone had applied the ADA to commercial websites. Before this, Gomez sued the city of Miami, saying that its trolleys weren’t accessible for the visually impaired. That lawsuit was settled out of court, and the city upgraded its trolley system as a result.

In addition to website changes to make them accessible for the visually impaired, Gomez is asking for the companies to pay for his costs of bringing the lawsuit, his attorney fees, and even damages.

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