Kanye West Throws Woman’s Phone After She Refuses to Stop Filming Him

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As a result, the rapper is reportedly under investigation for battery.

Kanye West is in a fresh pot of hot water after he was caught on video snatching and throwing a woman's phone.

The rapper, now formally known as Ye, was reportedly leaving his daughter North's basketball game when he paused to confront a crowd of paparazzi. A now-viral video of part of the encounter has been circulated online, which shows West pulling over in his Mercedes to argue with one man in particular.

He demands privacy, but the videographer reminds him that they're in public. West points out that he should be off limits when he's with his kids, and the man suggests he should see them at home, then.

“It’s called human rights,” West asserted, while his new wife, Bianca Censori, sat quietly in the passenger seat.

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Another clip was spliced with the first, though the definitive order of events is unclear. In the second video, he comes up to the driver's side window of a car that seems to have been following behind him, the driver holding her phone unnecessarily close to his face as she films him. After defending herself by reminding him that he's a celebrity, he snatches the phone from her hands and throws it onto the road before walking back toward his car. Whether or not the woman is also a member of the paparazzi group or just a person who happened to catch sight of West remains to be seen.

According to TMZ, law enforcement was called to the scene around 4:30 p.m., but it's not clear what time the altercation actually occurred, or even what date. The publication also reports that police sources have confirmed to them that West is now a suspect in a battery investigation from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department as a result.