Kanye West's Cross-Body Bag Is Ludicrously Large

Last week, Kanye West paid a visit to Nigo (of Bape and Human Made fame) and took some photos with the beloved Japanese fashion designer. Other than the creepy Carbonite Han Solo figure in the background, the picture is of the standard “two cool dudes posing” variety. Except for the fact that Ye is wearing the biggest damn crossbody bag we’ve ever seen. Absolute unit big. Giant-jacket-meme big. So big, in fact, that it’s been an entire week since the photo surfaced and we’re still thinking about this gigantic Kanye-approved manbag.

As GQ’s own Mark Anthony Green wrote earlier this year, the crossbody bag is perfect for when “you need to carry more than the pocket can handle but less than what a backpack allows.” Forever the rulebreaker, Mr. West is out here with a bag slung across his chest that could mostly definitely house all every single math textbook you had in high school. And in true Ye fashion, it looks to be from his own Yeezy brand. In the photos from the Yeezy website, the bag looks to be pretty average sized—just the type of accessory that we’ve seen overtake men’s style as of late. But diving into the product details will reveal that it is in fact, much larger than your average man bag. Let’s compare it to the "Rafael" hip bag from the Parsian label A.P.C., for example. (One of the best crossbody bags to buy, btw.) This particular style from A.P.C. is pretty emblematic of most other popular bags we’re used to seeing; it measures about 9 inches wide and six inches tall. On the other hand, the Yeezy bag clocks in at a whopping 18 inches wide with a height of over 11 inches. It's a cross-body bag...only if your body is gigantic.

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Yeezy Supply

If the recent collections from Paris Fashion Week showed us one thing, it’s that we can expect the bag trend in men’s fashion to continue in upcoming seasons. While the jury is still out if we’ll be seeing more oversized bags in the future, Kanye has certainly helped usher in other unexpected trends before. And it looks like the sizable Yeezy bag is currently sold out in all colors, so perhaps the big bag wave is up next after all.

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