Kaitlyn Bristowe Dishes on Being the Bachelorette, Dressing for Dates, and Her Suitors’ Style

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Kaitlyn Bristwowe. Photography by Joel Barhamand

Choosing an outfit for a first date is daunting enough — heels or flats? skinnies or flares? prints or solids? — so you can imagine the pressure when you’re getting dressed for your debut on The Bachelorette! We asked the current rose-toting beauty, Kaitlyn Bristowe, about her wardrobe selection for her big TV moment. Luckily for Bristowe, she has help in the fashion department thanks to the show’s stylist, Carey Fetman. And it’s not just the first date that the Bachelorette has to worry about; it’s everything from daytime outings to exotic excursions to romantic dinners — and, of course, the ceremonies! “I hate shopping and having to look for clothes,” Bristowe tells Yahoo Style. “So having someone help me pick my dresses and outfits so I don’t have to go searching for them is really great.”

While Bristow was tightlipped about her suitors (you’ll have to watch her love story unfold on ABC!), she did talk to us about the pressure to look good 24/7, her newfound style as the Bachelorette, how long it takes to prep for her many dates, and more.

Yahoo Style: You mentioned that you hate shopping. Is that the best part about having a stylist?
Kaitlyn Bristowe: No. [Laughs] It’s interesting for my stylist to hand me a dress I would never wear and then for me to actually put it on and love it. One of the best parts about working with a stylist is that Carey surprises me.

YS: Do you wear things on the show that you wouldn’t in real life?
KB: I actually get really frustrated with myself, because I’m so picky and I want to be open to other styles, but it’s difficult. I’m more edgy and casual, so it’s hard for me to step out and be a little more glam for this. But it’s fun to try to go out of my comfort zone and be glamorous.

YS: What’s easier to find, outfits for regular dates or the rose ceremony dresses?
KB: Surprisingly, I find picking out dresses to be easier. Since I’ve never been one to go put on a gown or dress up, I’m surprised by every dress I put on, and I’m like “Oh, wow. This is beautiful!” and I enjoy it. Whereas for more casual dates, I’m really picky about what goes with what.

YS: In terms of getting dressed, how is it different this time around from when you were on The Bachelor?
KB: For The Bachelor, I could just throw a flannel around my waist with jeans and Converse sneakers. I didn’t really think about what I had to wear.

YS: Really? There was no pressure from the other girls or just the fact that you were on TV?
KB: I didn’t feel any pressure, because I’m a casual dresser and I went with whatever. Half the episodes I was wearing crop tops and sweatpants! [Laughs]

YS: Have you ever had a style blunder on camera?
KB: Not really. There are a lot of people who would comment on social media and say things like, “I can’t get over your crop tops!” But I was always like, “That’s just me. I don’t care!”

YS: So will your crop tops be making any appearances this season?
KB: No. Unfortunately not. [Laughs]

YS: Why not?
KB: The dates and things we’re doing aren’t really crop top worthy. And, I don’t know, it is kind of fun for me to class it up a bit here.

YS: Was there ever a moment last season when you thought you didn’t have anything to wear?
KB: Oh, of course!

YS: How does that differ from this season?
KB: I have more than enough options here. If I don’t like a pair of jeans, I can just go search through the 30 others my stylist has until I find something I like. Last season, though, I was trying to come up with hundreds of outfits with what I packed. And again, I’m not a dress person, so every rose ceremony was stressful. I think I even recycled a couple of dresses.

YS: If you did, we didn’t notice! Do the girls trade clothes?
KB: We did, actually! A lot of us shared clothes.

YS: Are there things you can’t wear while filming that you wish you could?
KB: I love wearing beanies or a hat backward, but on TV you don’t always want to do that. I definitely miss throwing on a backwards hat. [Laughs]

YS: Are you now more conscious of how you look because you’re on TV?
KB: I’ve never been someone who really cares about how my hair looks, but now I’m like, “Oh, God, my hair is not done! I have to do this. I have to do this!” There’s a lot of pressure. You know that pictures are going to be taken.

YS: Do you pre-pack your outfits?
KB: Because I’m on the road, we pre-pack what comes with us, because I can’t take the whole wardrobe. And I don’t always know where I’m going.

YS: So you never know when you’re going?
KB: Well, for the actual dates, I find out about a week before. But as far as location, they don’t tell me until right before.

YS: Is that scary?
KB: Actually, I kind of like it! I like being surprised.

YS: What are some styles you’re excited to transition into your everyday dress?
KB: Definitely more jewelry, more jewelry, more jewelry!

YS: Now that you’re dealing with a bunch of men, and you’re a little bit more open to style and fashion, does their style affect the way you view them at all?
KB: Well, the guys in the season all dress really well. There are a couple of men that need to work on themselves, but I find that very cute. 

YS: And are you more aware of what people are dressing like now?
KB: No, I wouldn’t say that it affects my decision. I notice it, and I think it’s hot if a guy knows how to dress.

YS: What brand do you love wearing when you’re not on camera?
KB: I’m all about Aritzia! They make kind of funky casual clothes. So the sweatpants are trendy sweatpants.

YS: Are you nervous that the person’s perception about how you look will change when you revert back to your casual ways?
KB: If I pick a guy who cares that much about my outfits, I picked the wrong guy. I think they should get that my style is to just be comfortable in anything.

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