K9 Pup Delights Shoppers by Playing 'Keepy Uppy' with a Balloon

Police dogs are an indispensable asset to law enforcement agencies. These highly-trained canines are responsible for a myriad of tasks including tracking and apprehending suspects, detecting explosives, uncovering illicit drugs, and even providing comfort to victims of crime. It's sometimes hard to remember that these dogs, are well, dogs. Dogs that love affection and companionship from their humans and playtime.

Just check out the adorable video posted by @K9Yuta of their K9 pup enjoying a break from busting crime by trying not to bust a balloon. It's just too adorable.

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He's so great at keepy uppy! TikTok users are loving watching him go and @Sharkzord comments, "Even the well trained work puppy's need a chill time." @Jae adds, "Working puppy is still a puppy and having the time of their life." @Onlydad responds, "Everyone needs a little unwind time now and then." @Alyson says what we are thinking with, "I’d just stand there and watch until he was done or it popped.That’s so cute."

Even though this guy is not actively fighting crime at present, he's still providing a valuable service by letting the public see this hard-working boy enjoy his downtime. It's public outreach! Even though he's incredibly adorable, we still wouldn't want to encounter this dog is we were ever committing a crime, we are sure all fun and games would be off then! What a good boy!

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