K-Pop fans in awe after BTS member J-Hope's 'iconic' Lollapalooza debut: 'He slayed so hard'

J-Hope of BTS made history this past weekend as the first South Korean artist to headline Lollapalooza — and his fiery performance ensured that no one will forget what fans have since dubbed “#Hobipalooza.”

Lollapalooza announced J-Hope’s addition to its lineup in early June, along with HYBE labelmates Tomorrow X Together (aka TXT). His headlining appearance at the Chicago music festival marked the first solo performance among the BTS members since they announced their temporary break.

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Various clips of J-Hope’s performance have gone viral across Twitter and TikTok. A triple-threat master of rap, singing and dance, fans are in awe of the K-Pop idol’s intense showcase. Fans even compared his energy to a Nicki Minaj performance.

Dedicated fans lined up for hours outside the stage to secure a close view of the K-Pop idol, immediately sprinting to the festival grounds as soon as the gates opened. The festival even set up a designated J-Hope merchandise stand to accommodate BTS stans.

The importance of J-Hope’s headlining appearance made numbers for the Lollapalooza festival. A BTS fan who attended the festival claimed she spoke with a Lollapalooza organizer. The organizer allegedly told the fan that “in 31 years, not one artist has ever sold as many tickets as J-Hope,” especially considering Sunday has the “notoriously lowest attendance” of the festival each year.

“Were they expecting less? J-Hope’s selling power shouldn’t be underestimated,” a Twitter user replied.

“They are already surprised with only 1 member, just imagine how amazed they would have been if BTS decided to perform here,” another ARMY wrote.

J-Hope’s set included songs from his latest solo album, “Jack in the Box,” as well as his first album, “Hope World.” He also performed solo songs from previous BTS albums and an electrifying choreography routine to a house remix of their hit song, “Dynamite.”

“I couldn’t stop smiling during Dynamite. What a surprise that was,” an ARMY commented.

“He slayed so hard,” another said.

The rapper also brought the house down with a surprise appearance from singer Becky G, whom he collaborated with on a rendition of “Chicken Noodle Soup.” Fans were surprised by Becky G’s appearance, as she shared an Instagram story during J-Hope’s performance to make it look like she was watching a live stream at home.

“I was looking at her story then looked up and saw her on stage like HUHH??? Now that’s how u do a surprise entrance‼️” wrote TikToker Ky.

“SHE PLAYED US lmaooooo,” an ARMY replied.

“She’s iconic,” another wrote.

J-Hope’s performance not only made the BTS ARMY proud — Hobipalooza earned him many new fans, including festival security guards.

“He collecting new fans one by one,” a TikToker joked.

“I’m glad that non-ARMYs enjoyed his performance too. Hobi really knows how to put on a good show,” another commented.

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