Justin Strubing Shares How To Grip the Perfect Board in Pepper Grip's New 'Surface Files'

On and off the board, Justin Strubing has always been one of those dudes who simply does things his own way. The spots he skates, the tricks he takes to them... it's always been done with style and technique. So it's really no wonder that he takes the same approach to gripping his board.

He recently stopped by the Mesa Distribution HQ—home of Pepper Grip—and took us through his personal process of gripping his new sled. (Hey... we all have our own process, right?) Take a look below and watch him rip a few spots in the meantime with that classic Strubing style.

I've always been a huge fan of Justin's skating, so I think all these clips were rad. Never gets old! But that no-comply to tail stall on that little quarterpipe from flat is one-hundred percent what I'm talking about when it comes to his unique approach—who else does stuff like that? So sick.

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Also, gripping boards is such a sacred part of skateboarding! We all have our own techniques... the little things we like (and dislike), so it's always fun to hear the subtle little quirks that our favorite pros think about when they're gripping up their planks. It's all a part of it!

Although, admittedly, I've always just been a plain black sheet type of guy myself. Simple and timeless. What about you?

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