Justin Bieber Was Spotted Wearing Hotel Bath Slippers

So I got a pair of hotel bath slippers.

After a week that included directing traffic and a major change in facial hair, Justin Bieber apparently took some time to relax. Based on his latest decision in footwear, the singer has made a bathtime staple the new summer shoe.

While spending some time with rumored girlfriend Hailey Baldwin in Brooklyn, Justin was spotted wearing what appeared to be hotel slippers. He coordinated the slippers with a pair of black socks, athletic shorts, a deep blue tee, and a backwards pink ball cap. The white slippers weren't too different from the white athletic shoes he wore during a recent matching appearance with Hailey. And the bathtime approved fashion still incorporated the singer's love for all things athleisure.

As pointed out by Refinery29, this isn't the first time that the Biebs has shown his love of the bathleisure trend, which is loved by Instagram users all over the world. Allure reports that the fashion term was coined by The Cut, and was naturally the result of a fashion-forward decision made by Rihanna.

Although Justin didn't incorporate a terry cloth robe or a colorful towel with his look, the soft slippers are a perfect interpretation of the comfortable — yet chic — 'gram-approved trend. Plus, the shoes were kind of made for summer, as Justin can effortlessly walk from the streets of New York City straight to a nearby pool. Maybe next time he'll take a cue from Bella Thorne and choose a sipper that's both fun and cozy.

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