Justin Bieber, David Bowie & Other Guys Who Make Guyliner Look Good

Justin Bieber, the boy behind the bad haircut every teenage boy had for too many years and bringing back super saggy pants, has set (and attempted to influence) many a trend. Appearing on Spike TV’s latest show Lip Sync Battle, the 21-year-old channelled Ozzy Osbourne to rock out to “Crazy Train” and got fully into character, leather jacket, long black hair, dark eyeliner, and all. The recently roasted singer isn’t the first to darken his lids. Johnny Depp, Pharrell Williams, Elvis Presley, and more have all gone for the guyliner look. But hopefully, like the Biebs side part, it’s a look that’ll be short-lived.

Johnny Depp


Johnny Depp famously wore a lot of makeup for his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise but also incorporated the eye makeup into his real-life look sporting it on multiple red carpets, stages, and street style moments.

Marilyn Manson


The real question is have you ever seen Manson without makeup on?

Pharrell Williams


The “Happy” singer first rocked eye liner at the Met Ball in 2013 when the theme was punk. He obviously loved the look so much, it made repeat appearances.

David Bowie


Eyeliner on David Bowie is perhaps the most understated aspect of his beauty routine.

Elvis Presely 


Not only did the King apply eyeliner, he also wore mascara!

Jared Leto


The man who has taken on many roles — actor, rocker, fanny pack designer — has also changed his eye makeup accordingly. Here, he is obviously in Thirty Seconds to Mars role.

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