Justin Baldoni, Actor, Filmmaker & Entrepreneur | MAKERS Men

How You Know Him: The L.A.-born actor stars on the hit CW show Jane the Virgin opposite Gina Rodriguez. He's also the producer of the most-watched digital docuseries ever, The Last Days, which tells the emotional stories of people battling terminal illnesses.

Why He's a MAKER: "If you are a female director, chances are you don’t have the credits. But it's not because you’re not good. It’s because you haven’t had the damn chance." Baldoni is committed to changing that: his production company Wayfarer Entertainment is dedicated to amplifying women’s voices in Hollywood.

His Feminist Inspiration: "If it wasn't for my mom, I wouldn't be the man I am today."

What's Next: Baldoni is launching the series Man Enough, in which Baldoni invites his guy friends to a weekly dinner party and leads a candid discussion about redefining manhood and the role men have in the gender equality endgame.