Just Some Spoilers About the Final Episode of Michelle Young’s ‘Bachelorette’ Season...!!!

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’kay, so the bad news (at least for people who are obsessed with spoilers): We still don’t know who won Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette. The good news: Reality Steve had some tea about Michelle’s last week of filming in a blog post from earlier this month, and it provides some helpful/juicy info about what her final date will look like.

It goes without saying, but SPOILERS are ahead, so turn back now if that’s not your thing!

According to Reality Steve—who, as you likely know, has been spoiling this franchise for years—filming for Michelle’s season wrapped up around the week of September 8, at which point she was officially down to her final two contestants.

Steve reported at the time that Michelle was seen on a date in Mexico near the Iberostar Hotel in Punta de Mita and that she and one of her finalists went Jet-skiing. Said finalist’s identity is unknown at this time, but Reality Steve *did* say that it’s “not Joe and it’s not Nate and it’s not Peter–the only three guys we’ve seen pics of her on a date with so far that’s gotten out publicly.” Meaning, another guy clearly made it pretty far in Michelle’s season and his identity is TBD at the moment.

Since Michelle’s season has officially finished, spoilers about who won her season (and whether or not she’s currently engaged) should be emerging any moment now, so stay tuned!

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