Just Leaked: This Fan-Favorite McDonald’s Item Is Supposedly Coming Back After 8 Years

We'll hopefully see it May 17!



Because McDonald’s has such great burgers, fries, and even fountain drinks, the McCafé menu can get overlooked. But, if we’re being honest, Mickey D’s has some pretty delicious coffee offerings.

Take the Frappé for example—it has a cult following as one of the best frozen coffee drinks on the market and it’s much cheaper than its coffee chain competitors.

It’s like a coffee milkshake, what’s not to love? But, for so many years now, you’ve only been able to order a Caramel Frappé or a Mocha Frappé.

Despite the fact that it’s so beloved, the McCafé menu doesn’t get too many new products and if it does, they don’t stay very long.

Back in 2015, McDonald’s released an Oreo Frappé that was only available for a limited time. The Oreo Frappé was a mocha blended with Oreo cookies and ice and topped with whipped cream and extra Oreos. Customers loved it, but it didn’t outlive its “limited time” run.

Now, nearly 10 years later, McDonald’s is rumored to be bringing the Oreo Frappé back this summer.

Sources are reporting that starting May 17, the Oreo Frappé will be back at select McDonald’s locations nationwide. McDonald’s has yet to confirm the news, but “The Fast Food Post” reported that some restaurants in Virginia and California already have promotional materials displayed.

That’s not all, apparently this time around, the Oreo Frappé will also be served with a full Oreo cookie on top, according to “The Fast Food Post.”

We’re sure we’re not the only ones excited about the return—especially considering many TikTokers have found “hacks” to make a secret menu Oreo Frappé (just order a Mocha Frappé and ask for Oreo pieces to be blended in, in case you were wondering).

We really do hope this is true because ice-cold, blended Oreo coffee sounds like it’ll be the drink of the summer.