Just 13 Photos Of Olympians Returning Home To Their Family, Friends, And Puppies In The States

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1.Runner Allyson Felix returned home to her family in California.

Felix holding up her medals with her husband and daughter in front of celebratory balloons

The record-breaking athlete came home to a celebration with family, which she posted on Instagram. Felix won bronze and gold medals in Tokyo and is now the most decorated track-and-field Olympic athlete in US history.

@allysonfelix / Via instagram.com

2.Shot-putter Ryan Crouser returned to his hometown in Oregon.

3.Gymnast Sunisa Lee returned home to her family in Minnesota.

4.Weight lifter Sarah Robles returned home to family in Texas.

5.Women's basketball player Tina Charles returned home to her mom in New York.

6.Discus thrower Valarie Allman returned home to her family in Colorado.

7.Equestrian Adrienne Lyle returned home to friends, family, and her dog in Colorado.

Lyle celebrating with a group of people who are holding signs and wearing the US flag in the airport

Lyle and her horse Salvino won silver for the team dressage equestrian event. Even though she had to withdraw from her second event to give Salvino time to rest, she was happy with what they were able to accomplish in Tokyo.

@adrienne.lyle / Via instagram.com

8.Gymnast Simone Biles returned home to her family in Texas.

9.Rower Kara Kohler returned home to her dog in California.

10.Skateboarder Jordyn Barratt returned home to her puppies in California.

11.Boxer O'shae Jones returned home to family in Ohio.

12.BMX racer Connor Fields returned home to family in Nevada.

13.And lastly, gymnast MyKayla Skinner returned home to friends and family in Arizona.