A Jurassic League Movie Is Reportedly in Development at DC Studios

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Before the Justice League, there was the Jurassic League. Okay, that may not be canonical to the DC Comics continuity, but there is a pre-historic team of dinosaurs suiting up as heroes in a DC-published comic. Given DC Studios’ chief James Gunn’s penchant for oddball characters, it’s not surprising to hear that an animated film featuring the Jurassic League is in the works.

Jeff Sneider, a former film journalist who has previously provided accurate reports on the movie business, claims on The InSneider that DC Studios is currently developing the film with James Gunn attached to produce. Needless to say, this film will fall under the DC Elseworlds banner, taking place outside of the DCU’s continuity.

“I’m told that DC Studios chiefs Gunn and Safran will produce Jurassic League, though it won’t necessarily be called that, as Warner Bros. (and Universal) may want to avoid any brand confusion with the latter’s Jurassic Park/World franchise,” says Sneider in the report.

“Meanwhile, DC’s hiring of [Brian] Lynch is a very smart move from the studio — partnering with the writer behind the hit Minions and Secret Life of Pets franchises, which have grossed billions between them.”

The Jurassic League #1<p>DC Comics</p>
The Jurassic League #1

DC Comics

Back in 2022, DC published a six-issue series Jurassic League comic written by Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon, with art from Rafael Garres. The comic takes place on Earth-27, with the heroes set to make their glorious return in this year's Batman: The Brave and the Bold #13.

A Jurassic League film sounds like a fun idea, but it will disappoint fans who are looking forward to a much more requested animated film starring the Batman of the future. Concept art from a Batman Beyond animated film has found its way online, with many fans hoping for a greenlight from DC Studios. Gunn and Safran aren’t shying away from animated projects, with Creature Commandos set to be the first project kicking off the DCU.

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DC Studios is producing a new slate of movies for the newly rebooted DCU, with Creature Commandos releasing later this year and Superman: Legacy next summer.