Julianne Hough: "I Make Fitness My Number 1 Priority"

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Julianne Hough is definitely busy, between Dancing With the Stars, her activewear line for MPG sport, executive producing the forthcoming Disney's Magical Holiday Celebration -amongst many other projects. With that kind of schedule, some folks might succumb to vegging out on the couch with a bowl ramen. Not Hough: Her blog is evidence that she focuses on maintaining an extremely healthy (and Instagrammable) lifestyle. Here are some of her pro tips to use for your own ~inspiration~.

How She Makes Time for Working Out

"When I'm home in LA and I have a set schedule, instead of trying to fit a workout out in, I schedule it into my day. If I really want to make an effort and make a conscious decision to workout be healthy, I have to schedule it into my day, like my number one [priority]. When I am on the road or if I have less time or I'm on set, my one trick- and I tell this to all my friends, if you are just setting around - is [use] a Fitbit. That is a constant reminder. It's on your wrist, it vibrates, [and] it's like, 'hey! get up and move!' It's a physical reminder.

I also just have wrist weights, ankle weights, and if I'm sitting around, I just put ankle weights on...[what I do is] old school, where you just rotate your arms, bring them in and out, leg lifts, squats."

What She Does At the Gym

"I definitely like to get my heart rate up; I usually try to do some jump roping right away, some arm movements. I don't do big weights, usually three- to five-pound weights. It's more about repetition, rather than heavy weights and a few reps. Then, I go back into jump roping or I do some drills where I run across the room, like suicide runs. And then sometimes, I do dance cardio. I put on some great music, it doesn't matter what the steps are, and jump around. Then I go down to my butt and my legs, and I do a sort of Jane Fonda on crack, all those butt lifts. And if I have ankle weights on or a band that I'm holding, I can use that for leg lifts. Then I do another little burst of cardio, and then abs and then another burst of cardio. [It's] getting your heart rate up, and taking it down. That's when your body gets shocked into changing."

What She Eats

"First off, everything in moderation and balance is a key. It's 80 percent food, 20 percent working out, if you really want to see a difference . [When I'm trying to get leaner] I cut out my bread intake and I switch to like quinoa and stuff, instead of pasta and potatoes. I go pretty heavy on the protein. I think a lot of people are scared to drink protein, I think they feel like, 'oh, I don't wanna bulk up,' but that's what sustains muscle and burns fat, versus [when] your body is so afraid that it's not going to get the protein. Women often say, 'I feel skinny fat right now!' when they feel like they're not toned. I'm all about eating our vegetables, but if you only do that and you don't give yourself protein you're just not going to look toned. Definitely, protein is key."

Some Advice She Has

"It's all about making goals and small goals. You don't have to say, 'I need to win a marathon!' [Instead, say] "I'm gonna wake up today and I'm gonna commit to wearing my Fitbit today, and instead of walking downstairs and making breakfast, I'm gonna run to the store and get breakfast. Whatever it is.

What She's Grateful For

"I'm grateful for my two dogs. I'm grateful that my job is my passion. I'm grateful for my fiancé, who's extremely supportive of my career and that I'm supportive of him. I'm grateful for our communication. We really make a great effort at really trying to understand each other, especially when we're long distance over FaceTime. So I'm pretty grateful!"

(Answers have been lightly condensed and edited for clarity.)

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