Julia Roberts On Givenchy: “It Was Beyond My Wildest Dreams of Beauty”

Joe Zee
·Editor in Chief

Julia Roberts and Riccardo Tisci after the Givenchy show. Photo: Courtesy of Givenchy

You know it’s a big deal when Julia Roberts shows up. America’s sweetheart hasn’t been to a fashion show in over 15 years and yet, her smile beamed over the crowd at Givenchy’s New York Fashion Week extravaganza on Friday night. Celebrities were, of course, expected to attend the brand’s first New York show, a collaboration between creative director Riccardo Tisci and artist Marina Abramovic, but while Nicki Minaj, Kim and Kanye, and Ciara were in order, Julia was a major surprise. 

Roberts, who was the face of the Givenchy campaign last season, is so enchanted with Tisci that she wore a T-shirt with his likeness to the event. But what made her embrace fashion after so much time away? I got the exclusive scoop right after Tisci’s incredibly moving Spring 2016 runway show.  

Joe Zee: How did Ricky get you to come to his show 15 years later?

Julia Roberts: You know what? It’s not even how stunning his clothes are. I mean, anybody wants to go see beautiful clothes. And this show was beyond my wildest dreams of beauty. But it’s who is. That we’ve become friends. The last dinner that we had together, we really had this incredible experience and I left that dinner, with my kids, and I thought, there is nothing he would ask me that I would say no to, really. He’s the genuine article.

Riccardo Tisci: Aww, she’s going to make me cry today.

JR: It’s true though, it’s really, really true.

JZ: I’ve been to a lot of Givenchy shows of yours, Ricky. And I’ve known her for a long time. I feel like when I watched the show tonight, a lot of it was inspired by Julia. I’m not kidding. 

RT: Absolutely. Youssef [Marquis, Givenchy PR] came to the fitting, and I was crazy with the rehearsals and with Marina and the fittings and everything. And Youssef said, So are you happy? And I said, Listen, if there is one thing I can tell you, it’s that it’s completely Julia Roberts.

JR: [Laughs]

RT: My first look of Julia is a tuxedo with a minidress with a white collar, which are my iconic pieces. I have used these in the campaign as well. I love the idea of Julia playing with the two genders. She’s such a strong personality, and has a sense of fashion, playing with femininity and masculinity. And that’s what it was all about tonight.

JZ: I love it. So what are you ordering off the runway?

JR: Several things. [Laughs]

JZ: I saw you taking pictures before! The suits for sure, that’s very you.

JR: I mean it’s all so stunning and the execution is so impeccable. And the details, God is in the details. It was there tonight, in spades. I said to Riccardo, ‘I wish your mom was sitting right here next to me, so I could just go on and on and on.’ I felt like this was one of those moments that was so fully executed, fully realized. The music, the company, the people, the models, the clothes. Every single second of it came from this man’s heart. Because he doesn’t just kind of do things like, ‘Oh that would be good,’ he does it and it’s so deeply felt.

JZ: No it’s blood, sweat, and tears. I agree. So wait, Ricky, you met Julia’s children, are you going to make little Givenchy things for them?

RT: Of course, of course! We have a game where we make each other very fun presents.

JZ: So do you have something planned, a little line of Givenchy?

JR: We have a back and forth.

RT: She did something for my birthday that was so funny.

JR: And my birthday is next month. [Laughs]

JZ: Ohhh! For the record, you’re wearing the cutest shirt with Riccardo’s picture on it. I love it. Would you guys ever collaborate on a movie together? Do you see these clothes having a role as a character?

JR: Do you know, people are doing these short films, that would be so cool!

RT: Absolutely. Would love to do it.

JR: Oh, and Danny [Moder] could shoot it. That would be…

JZ: Wait, can you see that?

JR: That would be so fun.

JZ: Oh, I love that.

RT: I would love to do it.

JZ: Oh my god Riccardo Tisci, Julia Roberts, Danny Moder short film, Givenchy…

JR: Short film, short skirts! [Laughs]

JZ: Short skirts, lace, sporty, tuxedos! I’m there, I’m buying a ticket on opening night! Thanks you guys and congratulations. I love it, and I love that you had it in New York too.

JR: A happy moment on September 11.

JZ: Yes, a very happy moment on September 11.

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