Julia Roberts fires back at woman who called her red carpet look 'ugly'

If you’re going to talk trash about Julia Roberts online, be warned: She might be reading.

Though she’s a newcomer to Instagram, the Oscar-winning actress has already mastered the art of keeping a close watch over her mentions. So when an Instagram commenter dared to insult the “ugly black nail polish” Roberts wore during the Toronto International Film Festival last weekend, the Pretty Woman star shut her down like a snotty Beverly Hills shop assistant. Big mistake. Big. Huge.

Comments by Celebs captured the exchange, which kicked off when a vintage fashion account compared Roberts with legendary star Joan Crawford.

Roberts swooped in to clarify that her nails weren’t black but navy and accented with fancy garnet crystals. She also deployed the most cutting of emojis: the I’m-polishing-my-nails-while-you-squirm design.

Fans have praised Roberts for sticking up for herself — though some have taken it upon themselves to leave bullying comments on the original poster’s Instagram account. Word to the wise: It’s hard to toe the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all” party line when you’re trolling someone in the process.

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