'Masked Singer' Fans Are Confident They've Already Figured Out the Season 6 Cast Members

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  • The Masked Singer season 6 kicked off on Wednesday, September 22 with a two-night premiere event.

  • The fall 2021 cast members have been revealed and consist of Octopus, Pufferfish, Skunk, Bull, Hamster, Pepper, Beach Ball, Mallard and more.

  • Scroll below for all the best Masked Singer spoilers, clues and fan theories.

The Masked Singer is back and the Fox competition show is once again keeping us on our toes.

Not only are fans going to get to see more wildcard contestants this time around (looking at you, Hamster and Pepper), but judges Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Ken Jeong are also in for some season 6 surprises. Now that the "take it off" buzzer has been introduced, the judges could send any contestant home if they guess their identity correctly, regardless of the performer's singing capabilities. In other words, season 6 may just be the most challenging and unpredictable season of The Masked Singer yet.

Thankfully, just like in past Masked Singer seasons, we've got your back. Throughout season 6, we'll update this list with the latest contestant guesses and theories and any spoilers we learn along the way. Now let's get started:

Who Is Baby?

The Masked Singer guesses: Chuck Norris, James Corden, Hugh Jackman, Bruce Willis

The Masked Singer revealed: Larry the Cable Guy

The legendary comedian absolutely shocked the panel when he took his baby head off. In true Larry the Cable Guy fashion, he jokingly said the show crushed any dreams he had after he was eliminated. But in all truth, he was sad to go because he was having so much fun."I've never done anything like this. I've never sang in front of anybody before. I can tell jokes in front of 8,000 people, no sweat, but I can't karaoke in front of five."

Who Is Cupcake?

The Masked Singer guesses: Tina Turner, Jackée Harry, Grace Joans

The Masked Singer revealed: Ruth Pointer

Everything about Ruth's costume and performance was a delight. As part of the legendary Grammy Award-winning group, The Pointer Sister, it makes sense that one of the first things she told the judges was that she was supposed to be on stage with some other "sweet things." She was hoping her sister Anita would be able to join her, but unfortunately she couldn't.

Who Is Dalmatian?

The Masked Singer guesses: Nelly, Steve Harvey, Reggie Bush

The Masked Singer revealed: Tyga

The rapper set out to prove he "can do anything." And he definitely succeeded after fans heard him sing Beautiful by Pharrell Williams and Snoop Dogg. The Grammy-nominated star said he went with the Dalmatian costume because “I always feel like I’m the underdog. And tonight is going to be a dogfight. So I had to go with my favorite dog, the Dalmatian!”

Who Is Octopus?

The Masked Singer guesses: Snoop Dogg, Dwight Howard

The Masked Singer revealed: Dwight Howard

The NBA star wasn't on the show very long, but he still nailed his performance of "Tutti Fruiti." As for the clues, the toy blocks in Octopus's clue package represented Dwight's famous defensive blocks while the magic cards were a nod at Dwight playing for the Orlando Magic.

Who Is Mother Nature?

The Masked Singer guesses: Niecy Nash, Aisha Tyler

The Masked Singer revealed: Vivica A. Fox

Like her fellow competitors who went home in the two-night season 6 premiere, Mother Nature (a.k.a. Vivica) didn't have much time to show off more clues to audiences at home. But the clues that we did get in Mother Nature's initial package make so much more sense now. Remember that sparkler? It was a nod to Vivica's role in Independence Day. And that picture of Wayne Brady? Wayne famously won The Masked Singer as Fox, which is, of course, Vivica's last name.

Who Is Pufferfish?

The Masked Singer guesses: Monica, Paula Abdul, Nelly Furtado, Issa Rae, Jessica Alba

The Masked Singer revealed: Toni Braxton

Nick was right: Pufferfish's elimination is probably the "biggest upset in Masked Singer history," considering that Pufferfish ended up being the legendary Toni Braxton. How do the clues match up with the seven-time Grammy-winning artist? As the show revealed after Pufferfish's unmasking, "guitarra" was a clue in reference to Toni's song "Spanish Guitar" while the bird in the clue package hinted at her relationship with rapper Birdman.

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