Joseph Quinn Has Hopes for a Cameo in “Stranger Things” Season 5

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Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix
Photo credit: Courtesy of Netflix

*Major spoilers for Stranger Things 4 below!*

We have many thoughts after binge-watching Volume 2 of Stranger Things 4 over the Fourth of July Weekend. The most overwhelming of them all, you ask? Justice for Eddie Munson.

Of course, we’ve already included a disclaimer above but before we carry on, here’s one final warning that there are *colossal* spoilers ahead for the last two episodes of Stranger Things 4. So either turn back and bookmark this page for later, or proceed with caution.

OK, here we go. In “Chapter Nine: The Piggyback,” hearts shattered everywhere when Eddie sacrificed himself for Hawkins and succumbed to a demobat attack in the Upside Down. We watched through tears as Eddie died in Dustin’s arms and confessed that it’s “finally” his year.

It was a heartrending scene, especially given the fact that Eddie became an instant fan-favorite in Volume 1. But is there a chance we could see the leader of the Hellfire Club in the fifth and final season? In a recent interview with E! News, Joseph Quinn — the actor who portrays Eddie — shared his thoughts.

“It'd be fun, wouldn't it?,” he said. “I'd be very up for it. But yeah, let's see.”

“It'd be nice to clear his name. I don't know how we're gonna do that. But it feels unjust, doesn't it? He paid the ultimate sacrifice for a town that thinks he's a monster,” Joseph continued. “But he's not. So hopefully, they can figure that out.”

Although Eddie died, a cameo doesn’t seem totally out of the question. Billy Hargrove, played by Dacre Montgomery, was killed in the battle at Starcourt Mall in the season three finale, but the Duffer Brothers found a way to briefly bring him back in the fourth installment. Considering Billy mostly showed up in Max’s memories, it seems possible that Eddie could reappear in a similar manner, returning in a recollection of some sort.

Needless to say, these are just predictions (and hopes and dreams) and we won’t have our answers until season five drops. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated on all the news and filming details on Stranger Things 5 in the meantime.

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