Jordana Brewster on Beauty and Hollywood Aging: ‘The Roles Get Better and Deeper’

Jordana Brewster gave us five minutes of realness. (Photo: WireImage)
Jordana Brewster gave us five minutes of realness. (Photo: WireImage)

Just how does a busy Hollywood star stay impossibly radiant — while simultaneously raising two little ones (Julian, 2, and Rowan, 5 months) and working on two shows (Lethal Weapon and Secrets and Lies), no less? We caught up with Jordana Brewster, 36, at a Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser event in New York City this week to learn the beauty tricks and little pieces of wisdom that keep her looking and feeling her best.

On keeping her skin and hair on fleek despite the beating they take on set … “What I do is I wash my face right when I’m done working. I don’t want to take any extra time on set because I want to be home and be with the kids. So I usually pack Pond’s towelettes in my car or in my bag and I just literally wipe my makeup off as I’m going home, which is a really good time saver. For my hair, I love the Shu Uemura line. I’ll do deep conditioning masks every other day and I don’t wash my hair that much. I’ll wash it like two or three times a week, and that’s really good, too, because the oils just seep in.”

On combating Hollywood ageism … “To me, anti-age limits means just creating your own timeline instead of feeling pressure to accomplish certain goals by a certain age or feeling like you’re too old to do certain things. As an actress, you’re always thinking, oh, am I going to be too old to play a certain role? Or, should I have accomplished a certain amount at this stage? But what I find really empowering is that it’s fun to be in my mid-30s now because the roles get better and deeper and more layered and interesting.”

On onscreen confidence … As far as body image, luckily I’m on a show where everybody’s really awesome and they make you look as good as possible and they all have all kinds of tricks up their sleeve, which is good!”

On her go-to look … “My power look is a suit, a really good suit — with a high ponytail and either a bold lip or a ton of mascara and bronzer. That usually makes me feel really good.”

On wisdom from her mom … “The best thing I learned from my mom is that if you don’t feel confident, just emulate confidence. Because people don’t know the difference!”

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