The Jonas Brothers Lend Their Voices to Waze — Yes, Nick Jonas Will Give You Directions

Maybe they'll direct you to the "Waffle House?"

<p>Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images</p>

Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

Turn-by-turn directions just sound better when they’re delivered by musical superstars.

GPS app Waze is teaming up with the Jonas Brothers to offer navigation from Joe, Kevin, and Nick themselves. The directions will include personal anecdotes about their time on the road (like when they were booed by senior citizens in a St. Louis mall food court at 11 a.m.) as well as some of their favorite road trip stops like the Tick Tock Diner in Clifton, New Jersey.

"Growing up on the road, our tour bus became our home away from home, so we know the importance of getting places safely and on time,” the group said in a statement shared with Travel + Leisure. “We are excited to partner with Waze for an exclusive driving experience and have our fans around the world join us on their drives and share some of our favorite memories and spots we’ve discovered while touring. See you on the road!”

<p>Courtesy of Waze</p>

Courtesy of Waze

Rather than telling drivers to go “dancing on top of cars” or “stumbling out of bars,” the brothers will share how they entertain themselves in traffic, and offer drivers encouragement.

“Nice job. We made it,” Joe says when a driver has reached their destination. “People ask when we felt like we’d really ‘made it’. I’d have to say… probably this moment right now.”

And if there’s an accident? Nick will let you know: “Accident reported ahead. Let’s send positive vibes to everyone involved.”

In addition to the fun navigation, Waze has created a tour bus vehicle icon and a custom “Limitless Mood,” or how drivers appear on the map.

To access the Jonas Brothers navigation, travelers can go to the "Customize your drive” section in the Waze app and select Jonas Brothers. From there, users must turn on voice directions and select a car icon and mood.

This isn’t the first time Waze partnered with someone famous for some festive directions. Last year, the app teamed up with Santa and Mrs. Claus to offer good tidings — and good navigation — for the festive season. And in 2021, the company partnered with Audible, a leading audiobook and podcast platform, to help travelers find their favorite content.

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