The Jonas Brothers Share Their Fav Songs from Upcoming New Album

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The Jonas Brothers surprised us all in 2019 when they announced their reunion and new song after a six year hiatus. The Jo Bros have been on two tours since the band got back together. They went on the Happiness Begins Tour from August 2019 to February 2020, and the Remember This Tour from August to December 2021. And now they're back again, besties!

Nick Jonas appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Friday, January 13, where he revealed the band's plan for the year. The brothers are currently hitting the road to Las Vegas where they will play more shows in February, but don't worry because there's plenty more in store.

"Later this year there will be a tour," Nick said.

When Kelly asked about the band's new music, he said, "Yeah. So, the album is done. We are very excited about it. And we're kind of in that planning moment. Planning the campaign, the album, the single, like, all the things."

Kelly had the sweetest response, saying, "The thing I love about your band as well is that I also love y’all separately. I loved the projects you’ve done, the solo stuff. Everything awesome. That doesn’t usually happen […] Y’all as a whole are still solid, it’s amazing."

Where Can I Buy Tickets for the Jonas Brothers Tour?

The album release and tour dates and locations have not yet been announced, but we'll be sure to keep you updated as soon as we find out more info.

What Do We Know About the New Album?

While we don't know too many specific details about the upcoming album just yet, like the title or release date, the brothers just spilled some tea that may be able to hold us over for a little while.

The Jo Bros have teamed up with Jon Bellion for this album, and what we know so far is that the album is going to have a major '70s feel, with inspo from different '70s artists, like the Bee Gees. “They were a huge influence in our lives, growing up and listening to them with our father,” Kevin said about the Bee Gees in an interview with Variety

"The key to Jon’s initial pitch was bringing in influences from the ’70s, but with a really modern edge to it,” Nick revealed. “We wanted to find a way to tell stories that are universal but also ultra-personal."

Now, let's get into the boys' fav songs off this album. "I'm torn between 'Little Bird,' which is a song about parenthood that will affect people in different ways, and 'Waffle House.' It was a last-minute addition," Nick said "At first, it was a bit of a head scratcher, but the more I listened to it, the more I loved it. I think it really encapsulates a moment in time for us. Musically it taps into some of my favorites: Doobie Brothers and Bee Gees, and others from that era. It's a really, really, fun song. We can't wait to play it live."

Joe's fav is called "Wings." "It might be the shortest song on the album, but I like it because it feels like a trailer to the rest of the body of work. Also 'Montana Sky.' There's a lot more acoustic guitar and real organic instruments that tap into a bunch of different influences, but we're aware of the fact that we're not a country act. Jon flipped it on its head — he's got a modern edge to everything he does, even if it has really classic elements."

Kevin chose a song called "Vacation eyes." "'Vacation Eyes' is based on how my relationship started with my wife. We met on vacation — and continuing that love story every single day is how I want to live my life. It makes me want to be on the beach! It’s just such a fun song about enjoying life." So cute!!

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