John Stamos Shares 'Appreciation Post' For Wife Caitlin McHugh With New Photos

See John Stamos pose for a selfie with his wife Caitlin McHugh in his latest Instagram post.

A proud husband! 

John Stamos was ever the doting hubby in a new Instagram post dedicated to his wife, Caitlin McHugh, who he says has been participating in public service all week while he has been at home sick.

In a "wife appreciation post" shared to Instagram on Tuesday, Nov. 8, the Full House alum, 59, showed off a post-voting selfie of the couple sporting their "I Voted" stickers on election day, while taking a moment to praise his wife for her activism during these midterm elections. 

"My wife, @caitlinskybound has been a shining example of someone who puts her money where her mouth is," the actor wrote in his caption. "I’ve been home sick, and she’s been of service. She was in Michigan with @votemamalobby canvassing over the weekend. Came home, took our son to school, went canvassing here in our state, went to an audition, then to a dinner with rep. @ericswalwell and a few others from @thisisabouthumanity." 

He also included a photo of McHugh, 36, during one of her stops in Michigan, alongside the state's governor, Gretchen Whitmer

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Stamos then went on to say that he wasn't trying to boast about his wife's accomplishments, but instead was giving credit where credit is due.

"A humble brag? Yes. But also a reminder to all of us to let the people in our lives that we’re proud of, know it," the Big Shot star continued. "Tell them. Post something about them. People, especially mothers, need to hear and feel our appreciation and gratitude XO." 

McHugh—who is mom to the pair's 4-year-old son Billy—also shared her own Instagram post to show her her activism work in the days leading up to election day while encouraging her followers to use their right to vote. 

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Stamos' wife isn't the only celebrity who participates in political activism. Here's a list of more celebrities who encouraged their fans to get out and vote for the 2022 Midterm elections. 

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