John, Brady, and Stefan: Three Men in Crisis on Days of Our Lives

John, Brady, and Stefan are in crisis. What can be done?
John, Brady, and Stefan are in crisis. What can be done?
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In the Monday, March 18 episode of Days of our Lives, there were three men, John Black, his son, Brady, and Stefan DiMera, who were in a bad place mentally and emotionally. They each had differing reasons for their angst and pain. Those reasons were both external and internal. Fortunately for two of those men, they have a village of support to help save them from themselves. However, one may be on his own because, so far, his so-called brother has threatened to send him to Siberia, North Korea, or Afghanistan where he’d live all by his lonesome.

John Black in Crisis: Wants to Turn Himself In for Catherina’s Death

John (Drake Hogestyn) is understandably and validly distraught over discovering he may have killed Konstantin’s (John Kapelos) daughter as The Pawn. First, he doesn’t have one hundred percent proof that The Pawn did it. He knows what Konstantin — a noted con man — told him. What does “it’s the eyes” mean anyway? Second, Steve (Stephen Nichols) saw nothing that went down. Steve apparently blocked this incident out for years as well. So, nobody’s “witness” accounts can truly be believed. Third, John remembers nothing.

Here’s the thing: John is a good guy and if somebody tells him he killed their daughter, he’s going to believe them (he will punish himself more than anyone else can). And he’s going to want to do whatever he can to make up for that pain and loss. He’ll make the after-the-fact sacrifice. Marlena (Deidre Hall) may have talked him out of turning himself into the authorities for now, but it is not off the table.

Who Will Help John: Marlena will need to lead the charge to save John here, with help from family and other friends like Steve. But, John and Marlena’s love will always get them through anything and everything.

Brady Black in Crisis: Thinks He’s a Bad Parent

Brady (Eric Martsolf) doesn’t think he’s a good parent. In fact, he felt he was such a bad parent that his first instinct was to turn down Eric (Greg Vaughan — who had a recent health crisis) when his half-brother asked him to be Jude’s godfather. Good thing Eric didn’t let this matter go. After all, the alternative was to let Leo (Greg Rikaart) take Brady’s place. No way that was ever going to happen.

Brady has taken one punch after another in the parenting department. Tate (Jamie Martin Mann) currently resides in a halfway house. He’s falsely imprisoned, but despite everything Brady’s tried to do, he hasn’t been able to keep his son out of trouble. Meanwhile, he barely ever sees his daughter, Rachel (Finley Rose Slater), thanks to his toxic relationship with her mother Kristen (Stacy Haiduk).

Who Will Help Brady: Brady will have to help himself primarily. He will have to believe in himself and find the strength to be the best parent for his children. But, it also doesn’t hurt to be part of one of the best families around. The rest of the Bradys and the Blacks are simply a call or a visit away. For example, Eric didn’t let Brady give into his insecurities and now Brady will be the best godfather Jude needs.

Stefan DiMera in Crisis: Wants to Avoid Prison for Shooting Harris

Poor Stefan (Brandon Barash). He’s screwed. Clyde (James Read) has been holding Gabi’s safety over his head and now Harris (Steve Burton) is holding his freedom over his head. What’s more, he unwisely turned to EJ (Daniel Feuerriegel) for help getting out of town to escape jail for shooting Harris. The mustached DiMera can’t win.

In fact, he’s losing big time. He struck what’s probably the worst deal of all deals, but he had no choice. With EJ’s “help,” he won’t pass go; instead, he’ll hop planes, trains, and automobiles (via trunks) to far-off lands. His itinerary will take him to either Siberia, Afghanistan, or North Korea. Unfortunately for Stefan, his overthinking propelled him from the frying pan into the fire. Sure, he may not end up alone in a faraway land, but he may end up in isolation anyway. When he appeared at Ava’s door, Harris was right there to out Stefan’s assassination attempt.

Who Will Help Stefan: It looks like there aren’t many who can help Stefan, unless Gabi suddenly gets out of jail. Will Ava side with him once she finds out he’s the one who shot Harris? Only time will tell. Stefan needs a miracle to help him escape this dire situation of his own making.

What do you think these men in crisis can do to help themselves? Who will be there to support them? Leave your comments below.

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