John Black’s Remorse Will Inflict More Pain Than Konstantin’s Payback Ever Could on DAYS

John learns the truth.
John learns the truth.

The Friday, March 15 episode of Days of Our Lives provided a wealth of information for Black Patch private detective, John Black. First, he found out why Konstantin hated him practically on sight. Literally on sight: “It’s the eyes!” Second, he found out Steve had known the entire time. Third, he realized Steve never told him; instead, he revealed everything to his wife. That’s a lot for one man to take.

The Pawn Backstory

Marlena and John (Drake Hogestyn) found out the story of The Pawn (also Drake Hogestyn) versus Konstantin (John Kapelos) simultaneously. The action cut from the townhouse to the Black Patch detective agency. Steve (Stephen Nichols) and Konstantin relayed the tale of what went down back in the day.

Steve told Marlena (Deidre Hall — who talks about The Pawn here) how he and The Pawn carried out a mission for Victor (John Aniston). They had to deliver a message to Konstantin who was challenging Victor’s authority. In Aria, their job was to make sure he knew his interference would no longer be tolerated. When Victor called and ordered Steve to stay outside Konstantin’s house, all hell broke loose inside while John took care of things.

Meanwhile, Konstantin told John how he and Victor always fought over Greek criminal territory. John was there to deliver a message, but it didn’t go well. Konstantin said he tried to defend himself and, as a result, he and The Pawn struggled. The Pawn beat him unconscious.

When the dust settled, Konstantin’s daughter was dead and he held Victor and The Pawn responsible. Steve didn’t see any of it go down, but it’s a secret he kept to himself for as long as he could remember.

John Black’s Inner Demons

Before parting ways, Konstantin screamed that now that John knew what he did, he would have his revenge. Did he not see the look on John’s face after simply telling John what he did as The Pawn? Clearly, knowing that he took part in the death of an innocent woman is going to be enough to send John spiraling. (Read about Greg Vaughan’s recent medical crisis here)

Whatever Konstantin cooks up in his conman mind, will pale in comparison to whatever John does to himself. And that’s a fact. Upcoming spoilers suggest that John’s even going to turn himself in after apologizing to Catherina’s father. Will that be enough for Konstantin? Or will he continue his revenge kick?

@abetterlizard offered up another way Konstantin could get the better of John. Unfortunately, it can’t happen any time soon. She said “It really is too bad that they shipped John’s daughters and granddaughters out of town. It could have been really fun to see Kon go after one of them as revenge. #Days”

How long do you think John will struggle with the pathos and angst that comes with his alleged part in this senseless death? Do you think The Pawn really killed Catherina? And what can John do to get past all of this? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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