John Amos' Daughter Shannon Breaks Silence Over Concerns of Elder Abuse

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John Amos (right) and daughter Shannon during Cure Autism Now Celebrates Third Annual "Acts of Love" - After Party at Lucques Restaurant in Los Angeles, California, United States. (Photo by J.Sciulli/WireImage for Cure Autism Now)

John Amos' daughter Shannon is breaking her silence following her most recent accusations of elder abuse and neglect against her father, which have instigated a formal police investigation.

After news broke that the LAPD had launched a formal investigation into allegations that her brother, K.C., was failing to get John the care he needed amid unspecified health issues, John steadfastly denied the reports in a statement to Parade, calling it "false and unmerited."

Now, Shannon is speaking out through an emphatic statement issued by her rep, Anne Torres, who said, "The entire family, alongside John's close friends and associates, stands with daughter Shannon Amos in the hope of reuniting with Mr. Amos and ensuring his well-being. Mr. Amos's health issues have been downplayed despite multiple hospitalizations under the care of John’s son, Kelly 'K.C.' Amos."

Shannon shut down the idea that her claim stemmed from a "rivalry" between the siblings, or that it was "about money," sharing that the family went through a similar situation before her mother died.

"We went through this before with my Mother, who also suffered tremendous neglect. We are trying to prevent the same thing from happening to my Father. I love my brother and I hope he will get the help he needs, but we need to prioritize the safety of my father who is vulnerable, first and foremost. Anything else can be addressed within our family," she said.

The statement, shared with Parade, further confirmed reports filed with Adult Protective Services "across three states" after "Mr. Amos [was] been forcibly cut off from all family members, friends, inner circle, and business associates."

"It is crucial to emphasize that this is not a sibling rivalry, as falsely reported," it continued, calling K.C.'s involvement, along with associates Eugene Brummett and Belinda Foster, John's rep, who previously shut down the accusations, "notable."

"Ms. Foster has been acting as Mr. Amos's spokesperson while residing with KC Amos, Eugene Brummett, and Mr. Amos," Torres alleges, also calling out K.C.'s previous arrest—assumedly after he allegedly threatened to kill his sister—and the upcoming legal proceedings as a result.

"As the situation unfolds, ensuring Mr. Amos's safety remains paramount."

The concern for John's safety began to unfold after Shannon launched a GoFundMe for his medical care over the summer, at which point she claimed he was "fighting for his life in the ICU," though his rep claimed it was just "a little tune up" for fluid in his legs. He told Parade at the time that the "GoFundMe campaign is not one that is accurate or authorized by" him and later accused her of taking "advantage" of him with the fundraiser. He even went so far as to "attribute [his] elderly abuse to" her.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, Shannon responded, "All due respect to my father's response, I understand that this is embarrassing and upsetting, and probably not what he would have wanted me to do, but it is in his best interest."

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