Joe Manganiello Debuts Massive Tattoo One Month After Sofía Vergara Split

Joe Manganiello switched out his wedding ring for some new ink!

The actor debuted a huge new tattoo on his forearm, only a month after his split from estranged wife Sofía Vergara, adding to an already-large collection of ink on his body.

Ruben Malayan, the artist who drew Manganiello's new tattoo, posted a photo of the actor showing it off at the tattoo studio. The tattoo is the word "Angel" in Armenian, with calligraphy artist Malayan creating a flourishing and bold font design. Manganiello's dog Bubbles is also in the photo, just chilling on his lap.

"My latest work, so far largest in scale Հրեշտակ (Angel) for @joemanganiello who I am sure will wear it with pride! Բարով մաշես: @rubenmalayan #armeniancalligraphy and thank you @serjtankian for making the connection," Malayan wrote in the caption.

The name of the tattoo artist who inked Malayan's design on Manganiello was not shared, but it appears that the 46-year-old went to a shop in Los Angeles to get it done. Many people complimented Malayan on the calligraphy design in the comments on Instagram.

One fan declared, "Beautiful work." Another chimed in, "This is just amazing!!! Beautiful lettering."

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Manganiello has always been very open while talking about his Armenian heritage. His mother of German and Armenian descent, and his great-grandmother was a survivor of the 1915 Armenian Genocide.

While speaking at an Armenian Genocide commemorative event in April, Manganiello said—according to Fox 11—"I will always be proud of what my great-grandmother went through so that I could be here. I will always carry that with me, and I think that every Armenian should be proud of their ancestors and what they did so that we could all be here."

Along with the massive new tattoo, Manganiello has some traditional-style art on his upper left arm. He also appears to have another tattoo on his upper left thigh, but it's unclear just how extensive his tattoo collection is.

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