Joe Jonas, 33, says he gets Botox alternative Xeomin treatments for wrinkles: 'There's a stigma that's fading'

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Joe Jonas is opening up about how he remains wrinkle-free.

The “Cool” singer, 33, spoke to People this week about his new partnership with the cosmetic injectable Xeomin. Like Botox (a brand name), Xeomin (also a brand name), is made with a form of botulinum toxin, is used to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, and lasts several months.

Jonas, who said he thinks it’s important that he is “open and honest” about what he uses in his skincare routine, said that he uses Xeomin to tackle frown lines and to reduce the appearance of a scar between his eyebrows.

"I liked that it relieved the area a little bit and I was like, OK, this is great,' without it being too much for my liking," he told the outlet. "I appreciated that it wasn't over the top. It's very light."

Jonas also spoke about how men often shy away from discussing the things that they do to enhance their appearance.

“There were all these talks at one point, like, 'Oh, men can't do this or it's weird for guys to do that,' and I think there's a stigma that's fading, and I like that," he added. "Guys are more openly wearing makeup, and it's great to see. It's like, do whatever you want, you know? It's a beautiful generation that we're living in."

The DNCE artist is not the first celebrity to talk about using Xeomin. Gwyneth Paltrow is also a spokesperson for the product, and told Bazaar that she also wants to fight the stigma around using these kinds of products in one’s routine.

“By getting injectables, it’s like admitting a vulnerability,” she noted. “I think sometimes honesty is perceived to be a weakness … There does seem to be a lot of stigma around injections."

The Oscar winner told Allure of the treatments, “It wasn't overdone. I'm not an overdone type of person. I've always believed in sharing tips with women, and I think this is great. It's a good, clean formula. It's worked really well for me.”

One person that Jonas and Paltrow don’t have to convince is Glee’s Becca Tobin, who showed off her before- and after-Xeomin treatments in a recent Instagram video.

“I am so happy with the results after a quick treatment,” she shared, alongside a video revealing her smooth forehead. “I am a firm believer in doing things for yourself both inside and out!”

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