Joe Biden's Daughter Ashley Has A Background In Social Work And Advocacy


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When it comes to Joe Biden’s children, his sons Hunter and the late Beau tend to get most of the attention. But the President also has two daughters, Naomi, who alongside her mother, Neilia Hunter, died in a car accident when she was a year old, and Ashley Biden, whom he shares with his current wife, Dr. Jill Biden.

While Ashley largely stays out of the spotlight, she was a vocal advocate for her father during the 2020 presidential election, regularly tweeting out her support. And, while she may be less famous than her older brothers, she’s actually accomplished a lot.

Here’s everything you need to know about Ashley Biden:

She most recently ran a nonprofit.

Ashley has worked as the executive director of the Delaware Center for Justice, a nonprofit organization that’s "committed to transforming the quality of justice through advocacy, policy, and practice," according to its website. It’s unclear if Ashley is still with the organization—currently, someone else is listed on the company’s website as the executive director.

Ashley has a background as a social worker.

The youngest Biden sibling worked as a social worker and career development and education liaison in the education office for the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families, according to her 2012 New York Times wedding announcement. There, she developed programs for children in the juvenile justice, foste care, and mental health systems.

She has a master’s degree.

Ashley earned her master's degree in social work from the University of Pennsylvania's School of Social Policy and Practice in 2010, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Ashley is married.

Her husband, Howard Krein, is an otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat doctor) and plastic surgeon at Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals in Philadelphia. He’s also an associate professor of otolaryngology/head and neck surgery at Thomas Jefferson University.

She’s an advocate.

First Lady Jill Biden said in an interview with Delaware Today that Ashley’s late brother Beau inspired her advocacy work. "It was very important to Ashley to carry on Beau’s legacy—the reforms in criminal justice, his work with children," Jill said. "Hunter, too, set an example with the work he was/is doing. She always had a reason to be engaged with them and she found a way to follow her own lead."

Ashley is a fashion designer, too.

Ashley has designed a few different things. In 2017, she launched a brand called Livelihood to help raise money for community groups in Delaware and Washington, D.C. Her first collection leaned heavily into hoodies. "I chose a hoodie because it is universal," she told Washingtonian at the time.

Photo credit: Gary Gershoff - Getty Images
Photo credit: Gary Gershoff - Getty Images

Ashley also designed uniforms for staff at the Hamilton Hotel in D.C., per The Washington Post.

She’s gained her own social media following.

Ashley earned fans during her father’s presidential campaign, especially when she danced onstage after Joe won the election and during the inauguration.

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