Remembering Joan Rivers

·Editor in Chief

I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Joan a ton and that was my loss. Like so many of us, I grew up on Joan. Her humor, her dissection of fashion, her approach was uniquely hers and I always reveled in the way she delivered her comedy. I was introduced to Joan by Scott Currie, who works for Elie Tahari and I was there styling their presentations for many years. One season, after a long day, Scott invited me to go see Joan at her one-woman show but I was going out of town, but at the presentation a few days later, Joan came as a guest and we stood in a crowded room and laughed one-on-one for a few minutes and she complimented what I wore (black suit and tie). But it was after the show when I joined them for dinner at Le Caprice that the real laughter began. Joan was hilarious and kind and gracious and genuinely interested in what I had to say and had great advice to give. The following year, I would go on to do a bunch of red carpet correspondent work for different entertainment shows but always somewhere in the back of mind, during the chaos and panic of the celebrity tangle on the carpet, I would calmly pull it together and think, What Would Joan Do?

I, along with the rest of the world, will truly miss her.