Jimmy And Rosalynn Carter Reveal The Secret To A Happy Marriage After 75 Years Together

Jimmy And Rosalynn Carter Reveal The Secret To A Happy Marriage After 75 Years Together
  • Former president Jimmy Carter and his wife Rosalynn Carter are celebrating 75 years of marriage.

  • The couple shared advice for a long-lasting partnership in a new interview.

  • For them, it’s all about communication and giving each other space.

On July 7, former president Jimmy Carter, 96, and his wife Rosalynn Carter, 93, will celebrate 75 years of marriage. Yes, 75!

In honor of such a huge milestone, the couple reflected on their journey in a new interview with PBS News Hour and were kind enough to share what they’ve learned along the way. Because after being married for that long, they must have unlocked the key to a good relationship, right?

According to Rosalynn, a healthy, lasting marriage is all about balance—not spending too much or too little time together.

“I think we give each other space and we try to do things together,” she told PBS anchor Judy Woodruff. “We’re always looking for things we can do together, like birding and fly-fishing and just anything we can find to do together.”

As for President Carter’s take, he says it’s all about communication—especially after a particularly tough disagreement.

“At the end of the day, we try to become reconciled and overcome all the differences that arose during the day,” he explained. “We also make up and give each other a kiss before we go to sleep still in bed.”

Their faith also plays a part in their commitment. “We always read the Bible every night, which adds a different aspect to life,” he added. “So, we really try to become completely reconciled each night before we go to sleep.”

That was particularly difficult to do while writing a book together, they noted. “It was not easy. It’s the worst thing—I mean, it’s probably the closest thing to bringing us to a divorce that we ever did,” Rosalynn laughed. “It was awful.”

But even then, they overcame. “We got through it,” she added. “But we had help.”

The couple admitted that the last year of pandemic lockdowns placed them under tight restrictions, given that they were high-risk. And although it was difficult, they think the prolonged time together brought them closer than ever. “So that’s one thing for which I’m thankful,” Jimmy added.

Even before COVID outbreaks, though, they prioritized individual health: another key to a thriving partnership. Jimmy swims three times a day and they always go on walks. “We stay in good physical shape, as best we can, with our handicaps,” he explained.

That way, they can hopefully stay happily married for plenty of years to come.

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