Jimmy Fallon’s Presence at the 2022 VMAs Is Causing Thirst and Confusion on Twitter

·2 min read

Jimmy Fallon is at the 2022 VMAs looking like he's fully in vacation mode (the beard!) and viewers are...confused! And also kinda thirsty? Either way, the camera simply could not stop cutting to and from from this man, and now he's trending on Twitter right up there with Taylor Swift.

Lot happening here! And just FYI, Jimmy was invited to the VMAs to announce Album of the Year, which went to Harry Styles. Sadly, Harry couldn't be in attendance due to performing in NYC as part of his world tour, but judging from the unprecedented thirst of Twitter, Jimmy Fallon is also extremely exciting!

Also if you missed Harry accepting the award, he recorded a quick video saying "Hi VMAs, hope you're having a nice time, I'm Harry, thank you so so much for this award for Album of the Year. I know this is a fan voted award, I would like to say thank you to all of my fans who voted, thank you so so much. I obviously wouldn't be holding this if it wasn't for you. I'd like to thank Tom and Tyler who I made the album with, and everyone who worked on the album with me, I'm sorry I can't be there tonight I'm about to go on stage just down the road. But I hope you're having a wonderful evening and thank you so much."

Congrats Harry. And also Jimmy, I guess!

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