Jessie J's Killer Booty In A Sheer, Thong Bodysuit On IG Is Everything

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Photo credit: Jessie J - Instagram
Photo credit: Jessie J - Instagram
  • Jessie J just posted some spicy behind-the-scenes content on Instagram while she finishes her tour.

  • In the video, the 34-year-old singer is showing off her sculpted legs and peach-emoji perfect booty in a thong and animal-print bodysuit.

  • Jessie posts a lot of gym content on social media, and is always mixing up her workouts to target different areas.

Jessie J is wrapping up her tour, and she just shared some BTS clips on Instagram that are simply ~everything~.

In the video, the 34-year-old can be seen rocking a sheer, thong, animal-print bodysuit for all it’s worth. There’s Jessie and her tonedeverything…from the front, side, and back. This is followed by clips of Jessie (and her strong booty) performing onstage, and Jessie goofing off with her bandmates.

“'This ain’t the end,’” she wrote in the caption. People low-key freaked in the comments. “Too hot too handle!!” one wrote. “That outfit is just like your performances @jessiej - dazzling! 😍😍😍,” another said. "Woah 😮," a third wrote.

Jessie has made it clear she works hard for that next-level tone. Last year, she casually dropped a video on her Instagram Story that featured her working her way through a slew of intense exercises. There was Jessie doing leg lifts with an exercise band for added resistance, Jessie on the stair climber, Jessie doing pull-ups with the help of TRX bands, and Jessie doing a slew of sit-ups. Phew!

At one point, Jessie hilariously went to town on a rower while singing, “I hate the rower.”

The star has other workout clips in her IG Stories highlights, including one that featured her planking on an exercise ball (for added core stabilization), doing step-ups at the gym, and smiling while she worked her way through overhead dumbbell arm raise-squat combos. Jessie then segued to lat pull-downs with TRX bands, “slow and steady” crunches with her legs in a diamond shape, followed by sled pulls and pushes.

Earlier this summer, Jessie shared in her IG highlights that she hadn’t “worked out for months,” although she seemed pretty stoked to be back at the gym as she worked her way through a series of squats and kettlebell exercises.

Basically, Jessie does a little of everything for her workouts. And that’s a good thing, because it allows her to pull off moves onstage like it’s NBD:

Anyone else's quads burning just looking at that?

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