Jessie J gives birth to her first baby!

Jessie J is a mama! On May 19, the singer revealed that she welcomed her baby, a son, one week earlier via her Instagram Story.

“A week ago my whole life changed,” she wrote in an Instagram Story. “My son entered this world and my heart grew twice the size. The feeling is indescribable. I am flying in love.”

Screen Shot 2023 05 19 at 5.21.28 PM
Screen Shot 2023 05 19 at 5.21.28 PM

“He is magic,” she continued. “He is all my dreams come true. He is my whole


He and I are both doing great


I am soaking up every second and still can’t believe he is real, mine and here *happy tears* For all of you that have followed my journey to this moment, thank you for all your continued love and support.”

“I will be back on instagram when I’m ready,” she concluded.

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In November 2021, Jessie J revealed the heartbreaking news that she suffered a miscarriage.

“After going for my 3rd scan and being told there was no longer a heartbeat,” she said at the time. “This morning. I feel like I have no control of my emotions. I may regret posting this. I may not. I actually don’t know.”

This pregnancy has been a joy-filled one for the 35-year-old singer, and she’s shared many parts of the emotional journey with her fans.

Her most recent pregnancy update was on May 5, where she shared black-and-white images of her pregnant belly. “Home stretch at home stretching,” she captioned. “I don’t want no fancy fancy pictures, no retouching. I want to look back at these and remember this time exactly as I looked and felt.”

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Congrats to the new mama! We can’t wait to learn more about her little bundle of joy.