Jessica Simpson's Friends Say Her 100-Lb Weight Loss 'Doesn't Seem Healthy'

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Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has sparked a lot of concern from fans over the past year, with everything from her slurred speech to her dramatic weight loss causing a huge debate on social media. And now, one of her close friends has reportedly also weighed in on the matter (no pun intended) claiming that her 100-lb weight loss – which friends and fans think is now much greater – is actually “unhealthy” for the naturally curvy star.

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Jessica Simpson's Loved Ones Are 'Extremely Worried' About Her Continued Weight Loss

According to RadarOnline, the 42-year-old "Party of One" singer's loved ones are "extremely worried" about her shrinking frame, as she continues to lose even more weight.

"Her clothes hang off her and her cheeks are sunken. She doesn't even look like herself anymore," a close friend reportedly spilled, adding, "Jessica's naturally curvy. It doesn't seem healthy for her to be so thin."

The mom-of-three first embarked on her weight-loss journey following the birth of her daughter Birdie Mae in 2019, after she admitted to weighing more than her husband, Eric Johnson. "I was much heavier than my husband who played in the NFL, so that pregnancy really did me in," she previously said, referencing the third pregnancy. "I'm almost 5-foot-4, so 260 was real heavy for me."

Although Jessica has admitted to having a tummy tuck in the past, this time round she reportedly went about it in a more natural way, with more controlled eating habits with the help of a nutritionist and exercise.

At first, her friends and fans alike were full of praise when the results started to show, but their praise has since turned to concern – especially over the past 12 months – as the Jessica Simpson Collection designer appears to have taken things too far and seemingly lost *way more* than the 100-lbs she initially said she did, which is extremely obvious in pictures posted to her social media over the past year.

Fans Continue To Show Concern For Jessica Simpson's Weight Loss On Instagram: 'She Definitely Does Not Look Healthy'

One of the pictures that caused huge concern among fans was posted in December 2022. Unlike some of her bikini pictures which have also emphasized just how dramatic her weight loss has been, the one above featured Jessica fully-clothed, which fans thought was even more worrying. "What happened to her?" one fan asked in the comments. "She's a [expletive] skeleton," another fan wrote. Jessica celebrated five years of sobriety at the end of last year, but many other fans think that "she traded one addiction for another."

"So sad, she WAS so beautiful," wrote another disappointed fan. "Is this a joke? That can’t possibly be the real Jessica Simpson," said another, which another agreed with, writing. "Not her. It’s her double." Other fans made sure to reiterate that their concerning comments were "not about bashing her," but rather pointed out that "she definitely does not look healthy." "Somebody is NOT well," stated another. "Doesn’t even look like her!" exclaimed another, adding, "also doesn’t look healthy," followed by a heartbreak emoji.

A more recent picture of the Open Book author which caused concern among fans was posted earlier this month on March 3rd. The black and white picture showed Jessica striking a pose while staring into the distance, and the comments section was again, full of concern, with many fans begging her to "please start eating." "Have some fries," one fan said, while another told her to "eat a taco," and another said she should "eat a cheeseburger." "Gain a pound. Or two," another fan suggested.

"I wonder if she is on Adderall with all this weight loss," one fan commented, while another asked, "Does anyone know what she is doing to not eat?" "The gap in between her legs is so frightening," another fan said, while another simply said the photo was "concerning." "What is wrong with you?" asked another fan, adding, "Eat some [expletive] food."