Jessica Simpson Is Under Fire for Gifting Her 11-Year-Old Daughter a $3k Bag

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Jessica Simpson Gave 11-Year-Old Daughter $3k BagJackson Lee - Getty Images

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  • Jessica Simpson recently posted an Instagram Story of her daughter's 11th birthday.

  • Viewers spotted a very distinct Louis Vuitton bag amidst the child's gifts.

  • The bag in question costs over $3k.

You might know Jessica Simpson as a singer. You might know her as a reality TV star. Or you might know her as "that Dukes of Hazzard poster a lot of the guys in your middle school had hanging on their walls despite swearing up and down that they were only going to see that movie for Johnny Knoxville."

But there's one job Simpson takes more seriously than any of those, and that's mom. The mother of three recently celebrated the 11th birthday of her youngest daughter, Maxwell, posting an Instagram Story for her fans. As Page Six reports, the highlight of the day was her daughter's outfit choice: "Maxi wore a VINTAGE concert tee,' Jessica wrote in her caption, referencing her daughter’s shirt, which featured album art from her 1999 debut, 'Sweet Kisses.'" But fans viewing the Instagram Story were a bit distracted by what young Maxwell got as a gift from her mom.

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If you're confused, no, what you see above is not just us linking to a Louis Vuitton bag for kicks. That is the style, color, and yes, the price of the very bag Jessica Simpson gifted her 11 year old daughter in that Instagram Story. That's what she got her kid, and then posted it on the internet. And the internet went reliably nuts in response.

Now, in terms of online outrage at a privileged person getting a pricey gift, where does fall on a scale from "Jennie Garth got 16 year old daughter a car" to "Parents bribe 5-year-old with car", the answer is: come on, guys, it's the internet. There are no levels to the outrage these days; it's just at a constant boiling 10, no matter the cause.

That's why folks were frothing at the mouth saying, "More money than brains," and, "her white privilege is showing." Both of which are the internet outrage equivalent of making "save the whales" jokes in, like, 2008. Just insanely dated vibes there, folks.

One commenter did come to Simpson's semi-defense, however, saying she could do with her money what she liked, but that they personally "just wouldn’t post it on social media and open myself up to multiple attacks."

So the lesson here may be, "Don't make a show of your wealth online." Or another answer, to paraphrase critic Matt Singer? "Never post."

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