Jessica Simpson Bares All About Her Past Insecurities and How She's Moving Forward

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Photo credit: Jim Spellman
Photo credit: Jim Spellman

From Good Housekeeping

Jessica Simpson has shared a lot in 2020. In February, she bared all in her memoir entitled Open Book about her past struggles with alcohol and overcoming emotional pain throughout her career.

"I'm always open about my insecurities. I think it's important to not ever have to come across as perfect," the mom of three tells Good Housekeeping. "We all have our flaws ... I think being open about our flaws is a beautiful thing. It doesn't put everything up on a pedestal. Those broken moments or where you're searching to better yourself are the beautiful moments to me."

Though the subject matter is less heavy, now The Dukes of Hazzard star is continuing to reveal more about her past, in particular her body image struggles stemming from having mild-to-moderate eczema growing up. As a teen cheerleader, she remembers constantly trying to hide her bumps from the other kids.

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"I just remember having to throw a sweatshirt on really quick when everyone would go and hug each other after a game, because people would rub my arms and be like 'What's on your arm?' And I would always just say it was a heat rash because I grew up in Texas," Jessica recalls.

It wasn't until she had her last child, Birdie, in 2019 that she noticed another big eczema flareup. Her husband, Eric Johnson, was just about to send a photo of Jessica and Birdie together to a big group text when she suddenly caught sight of her arms.

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"I looked at the picture and I was like, 'Um, I guess I haven't looked at myself in the mirror at all, because you can't send that,'" she remembers. "You know, I might sound vain, but when it's you and your beautiful baby, you want the picture to be good. And so, I immediately called my doctor."

She was prescribed Eucrisa, a topical prescription treatment meant to help alleviate mild-to-moderate eczema. After using it regularly, she saw results, compelling her to become a paid spokesperson for the brand and encourage others to find their own solution to eczema. Once she was able to get ahold of her eczema, her confidence shot way up.

"It helped motivate me to take care of myself. Once you have a baby, you're in this mode of hormones, breastfeeding, and taking care of a child, you don't really get much time to think about yourself," she admits. "This has been a game changer for me."

In fact, 2020 has been full of game-changing moments for Jessica — both big and small. While in quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic, Jessica has picked up a few new tricks, including how to make Rice Krispie treats taste better (butter your hands with salted butter and add a sprinkle of sea salt on top, she says) and, hilariously, the art of scrubbing a toilet.

"It's not fun to clean the toilet," Jessica rightfully declares while laughing to herself. "At first, I was using Clorox wipes, everyone's like 'Don't use those! Those are out of stock! Use a brush!' So I'm going to my laundry room and using anything that looks simple to clean with."

She adds, "It's actually been enlightening and it makes me very appreciative of the people I have around me that can't always be here."

But on a more serious note, Jessica has continued to learn the importance of staying grounded and focusing on the positive amid these challenging times. Most of that positivity revolves around her family, which she's gotten to be around a lot more due to the coronavirus pandemic. What's more, journaling is how she got through some of her life's toughest moments before, and it's something she's leaning on right now.

"That time of self reflection is very healing because then you can can face it on paper and walk away from it for the day. But it's important to know ourselves right now, and in isolation we're really getting to know ourselves," she explains. "I would not neglect that time. For the world to be in such a hectic place with no answers, I think you have to search for other answers within yourself."

Note: This interview was arranged through Eucrisa, as Jessica Simpson is a paid spokesperson for the prescription brand. For more information, including the side effects of Eucrisa, visit the FDA's website, or speak with your doctor.

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