Jessica Mulroney’s Net Worth Proves She’ll Be Fine With or Without Meghan Markle

Jenzia Burgos

Meghan Markle’s ex-best friend isn’t going to be signing on for new moneymaking projects anytime soon, but she’ll be OK. Jessica Mulroney’s net worth is pretty hefty as it is. The Canadian stylist and fashion consultant will have to make do with what she already has, while she takes some time off to address some of her troubling actions.

Mulroney, 40, was recently exposed for having threatened Sasha Exeter, 40, over a Black Lives Matter call to action. The Black influencer and blogger went public about Mulroney’s attack, which was apparently prompted by a general post calling upon white allies to use their large platforms to address anti-Blackness and police violence around the world. Mulroney seemed to take the request personally and...

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