Jessica Biel Throws It Back to the '80s With Funky Denim Outfit

Jessica Biel is heading back to the '80s.

The actress shared a reel on Instagram in which she's wearing an outfit straight from the decade, with a denim jumpsuit, big clip-on earrings, massive glasses, and hair teased up and tied in a purple scrunchie. She used audio from viral Instagram star Grandma Droniak's "Infit" video, where the 92-year-old says, "It's my infit. It's not an outfit because I'm not going out."

Biel captioned it, "Infit must be a term for the cool kids which is naturally why I'm going to start using it."

Fans took to the comments to speculate on the mystery role. Some fans noted the likeness to her titular character in Hulu limited series Candy, wondering if the show was returning.

A fan asked, "Omg does this mean more Candy?!? Keep doing amazing stuff girl!!!" However, it's very unlikely this will be for another season of the show based on real-life murderer Candy Montgomery, as the miniseries concluded its story.

It's not clear what role Biel is donning the nostalgic outfit for, but it's possible that it could be for a cameo in Cruel Summer, a teen thriller anthology series set in the '90s and early 2000s that Biel is an executive producer for. Though the upcoming second season is centered around the early 2000s, it's possible that there will be a flashback sequence to the '80s.

In addition to the mystery role, Biel was recently cast opposite Kid Cudi and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' Xochitl Gomez in Ursa Major, per Deadline. It's a sci-fi thriller set in an Earth-like planet, in which Biel and Gomez play a mother-daughter duo fighting for survival while hiding from hunters. But when daughter Natalie becomes a teenager, she begins questioning her mom Charlie about who they actually are.

Whatever the reason may be, Biel is definitely pulling off the look!

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