'Jersey Shore' Star Pauly D Just Shared a Rare Hair Gel-Free Moment on TikTok

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From Men's Health

Pauly D burst onto the pop culture scene and refused to leave back in 2009 with his fellow guidos and guidettes on MTV's Jersey Shore. In the decade that has elapsed since those halcyon pop culture days, each of the gang has carefully cultivated their own "brand", and throughout his various reality TV escapades, Pauly has become well-known for his meticulously groomed, judiciously gelled hairstyle.

In fact, he is so closely associated with having an unmoving barnet that looks like it'd be kinda crunchy to the touch, that it made headines last year when he posted a photo to his socials without a single trace of gel, mousse, putty or pomade on his follicles.

Well, dear reader, it has happened again. Never one to willingly let a cultural moment pass him by, Pauly is now on TikTok, the social media app that is wildly popular among video creators 20 years his junior. In his latest video, a "before and after" transition similar to the Don't Rush Challenge which he also shared to Instagram, Pauly shows off his lustrous natural mane before cutting to a shot of himself sporting his statement hair product. "NO GEL! Who Dis??!!" He wrote.

The reality star is also, like a lot of guys, using this unprecedented downtime in quarantine to try out a new look; he's growing a beard, and in his own words, it's "coming in quite nicely."

And Pauly D isn't the only Jersey Shore alum who has gone through a transformation. His A Double Shot at Love co-star, Vinny Guadagnino, lost 50 pounds after going keto, and has since authored his own cookbook of "Guido Keto" recipes.

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