'Jeopardy! Masters' Fans Can't Stop Celebrating Amy Schneider's Exciting Career News

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Amy Schneider has a lot to celebrate as of late. On top of starring in the Jeopardy! Masters tournament, she just announced major news outside of TV.

Ahead of her return to the quiz show, the Ohio native uploaded a post in which she shared that during her time away from answering clues she wrote a memoir, titled In the Form of a Question: The Joys and Rewards of a Curious Life. The literary work is set to debut on bookshelves later this fall on October 3. What's more, she revealed it's already available for fans to pre-order.

"So excited to announce my new book, #InTheFormOfAQuestion coming in October!" Amy excitedly wrote on Twitter on March 31.

When followers caught wind of Amy following Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings' footsteps by becoming a writer, they were immediately ecstatic. Many proceeded to congratulate her in the comments section, saying they couldn't wait to see what the book has in store for them.

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'In the Form of a Question: The Joys and Rewards of a Curious Life'


"Congratulations and A+ title!" one person wrote on Twitter. "I'm so excited to buy this book! I'm looking forward to reading it. Love you, Amy! I watched every single night of your amazing run on #Jeopardy. I'm so happy about all your success!" another follower exclaimed. "YAY! October can’t come soon enough 📚," a different user added.

So, what exactly is Amy's first venture into the literary world going to be about? According to an official press release from her publisher, the "inspirational and bold memoir" dives into "what it means to ask questions of the world and of yourself."

The statement also details how the 2022 Tournament of Champions winner's writing won't just focus on Jeopardy!. The book will also see her discussing a number of subjects she finds fascinating, including astrology, pop culture, books and much more. As folks know, she already has a bit of knowledge on all of these topics because she wouldn't be a Jeopardy! icon if this wasn't the case.

Now, excuse us while we rush off to pre-order the book for ourselves ...

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