'Jeopardy!' Fans Rally Around Matt Amodio After He Shares an Emotional Personal Update

Jeopardy! champion Matt Amodio knew his streak on the beloved game show was going to end weeks before it aired on TV, but it still didn’t make the loss any easier. Now that he's off the show, the computer science Ph.D. student is getting used to not knowing what the future holds on Jeopardy!.

On October 17, almost a week after his last Jeopardy! episode aired, the 30-year-old Ohio native took to Twitter to share a candid thought with his followers about how the end of his historic run was affecting him. As folks may know, Jeopardy! films five episodes per day, so given that Matt played 39 games in total, he spent a lot of time on the quiz show’s stage. What’s more, he stuck around to watch the contestant who beat him, Jonathan Fisher, play another week’s worth of games afterward.

When all that was said and done, Matt couldn’t help but feel a little lost realizing that all the episodes he'd filmed and/or watched had aired. “Tomorrow starts the first week of #Jeopardy since July where I don't know the future. I've forgotten how to do this part,” he wrote. “Do I just watch what happens on TV, and instead of pretending that it's new to me, it is actually new to me? Weird.”

After hearing how the Yale graduate student was doing, Jeopardy! fans immediately flooded his Twitter with loving and supportive messages to try to lift his spirits. Many viewers voiced how proud they are of him and also shared their excitement to see him in the Tournament of Champions next season.

“CONGRATULATIONS on your amazing 38 game winning streak. It was awesome watching your incredible run each night! Looking forward to cheering you on in the Tournament of Champions. Like all of your new fans, I will still be following you here on Twitter... you're stuck with us! 🙂,” one person noted. “It is a weird transition Matt 🙂 But you have several thousand people in your corner, who are here to support you 100%, in whatever way we can!” another added.

That said, others are still getting over his loss and feel sad they can’t watch him defend his title anymore. But even still, Matt is encouraging fans to see the bright side of it all. When one fan noted that the show wasn't the same without him, Matt replied, “It's still awesome, though!”

What's more, before he continued going about his weekend, Matt shared one last honest thought when he was asked if he had watched his last Jeopardy! game on TV. “I confess I have not watched that one," Matt responded. "Maybe in time..."

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