'Jeopardy!' Champions Stumped by Clue About Famous NFL Player in New Episode

No, that was not Tim Tebow.

Even Jeopardy! contestants don't have the answer to everything. 

The players in Tuesday night's round of the "Tournament of Champions" were stumped by a question about a famous NFL player, which one of the contestants, Andrew He, confused with Tim Tebow

When a photo of none other than Jay Cutler, a former quarterback for the Chicago Bears, popped up on the screen, He and his fellow competitors, Amy Schneider and Sam Buttrey, were unable to find the right name to match the face. 

Along with the photo of Cutler, who also happened to be married to Laguna Beach star, Kristin Cavallari, the clue included a side-by-side clip of someone making cutlery. Host Ken Jennings read the clue: "The occupation seen at work on the left or the pro football retiree on the right." 

He then buzzed in to answer Tebow, although he didn't appear to be too confident in his answer. His fellow contestants were also stumped, and both decided not to ring their buzzers. 

Luckily, He's fumble on Tuesday's show seemed to amuse Twitter fans, with one user stating, "I never realized how much Cutler looked like Tebow." 

"Since these Jeopardy contestants can answer a lot more of questions than me, I cannot fault them for not knowing sports," another fan wrote.  

The "Tournament of Champions" returns for Game 3 of the tournament finals on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 7:30 P.M. ET. 

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