Jennifer Lopez’s former publicist claims romance with Ben Affleck is ‘serious’ and pair will marry soon

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Jennifer Lopez’s former publicist claims her relationship with Ben Affleck is ‘serious' (Getty Images)
Jennifer Lopez’s former publicist claims her relationship with Ben Affleck is ‘serious' (Getty Images)

Jennifer Lopez’s former publicist believes the singer and Ben Affleck will get married soon, claiming that the couple wouldn’t be so open about their rekindled relationship if they weren’t “serious”.

Rob Shuter, who worked for Lopez from 2003 until 2004, reflected on the relationship between the former couple during an interview with Fox News, where he revealed that he finds it “exciting” the pair have gotten back together.

“I think it’s really exciting,” he said. “I think those two are so special. [I believed] they would have always been together. It always felt to me that their love never got away. I was with her writing their [initial] breakup statement that went around the world – I wrote that statement. And when I was writing it, it just felt really sad.”

Lopez and Affleck first began dating in 2002, before getting engaged in November of the same year. After postponing their wedding in 2003, they eventually announced the end of their engagement in 2004.

According to Shuter, who worked with other stars including Jessica Simpson and Alicia Keys, the breakup was especially sad because he “felt like these two were meant for each other”.

“I believe they had the right love, but it was the wrong time. There was always something special about them. And I think now is the right moment for them. So I’m really happy that they’re back together,” he said.

As for whether the couple’s romance is serious, or whether they are just having fun, Shuter told the outlet that he believes both stars wouldn’t be so open about their relationship if they weren’t fully committed to making the union work.

“I don’t think either of them would be this open about being back together if they weren’t serious,” he explained, adding that Lopez “makes her own decisions” and that the star wouldn’t let herself and Affleck be photographed as frequently as they are or appear together on red carpets “if she didn’t see a future for them”.

The former publicist, who recently wrote a book titled: The 4 Word Answer: Who Are You in 4 Words? also acknowledged how the media has changed since the couple was last together in the early 2000s, with Shuter claiming that the pressure on the couple has diminished slightly.

“Back when they were together, they were on every cover of every major magazine, week after week,” he said. “But that hasn’t happened now. The public is still interested in Bennifer, but the world’s media has changed in the last decade. People are now consuming the news on the internet.

“I’m not diminishing their star power, but that same pressure isn’t there. It’s not as high risk. So they can enjoy themselves.”

After months of rumours, the couple made their relationship Instagram official in July, with Lopez and Affleck making their red carpet debut as a rekindled couple last month.

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