Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Were Always Meant To Reunite, Says Astrology

jennifer lopez and ben affleck
J.Lo And Ben Affleck’s Astrological CompatibilityChristine Giordano

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In the nostalgia move of the century, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck got back together in June 2021, thus inaugurating Bennifer 2.0—the older, wiser, and still-just-as-famous revamp of the original celeb couple that first captured the world’s attention in 2002. Back then, J.Lo honored her relationship with the Daredevil star with the song “Dear Ben” off her This Is Me album. Now, the ode stands to honor a love story that was decades in the making. And, according to intuitive astrologer Rachel Lang, their romance was always meant to happen this way, despite that very long break full of other relationships, marriages, and engagements.

“Ben and J.Lo have so much in common,” Lang says, adding that the two celebs are both Leo Sun signs. “It’s easy to see why they are attracted to one another and why they were able to remain friends [after their breakup].”

Meet the Experts: Rachel Lang is a certified professional astrologer and author of Modern Day Magic: 8 Simple Rules to Realize Your Power and Shape Your Life.

Lisa Stardust is a professional astrologer based in New York City and author of The Astrology Deck: Your Guide to the Meanings and Myths of the Cosmos.

Twenty years after calling off their 2003 wedding just days before it was set to happen, Bennifer finally tied the knot in July 2022. Their decades-long love story culminated in a seemingly impromptu wedding at a small white chapel in Vegas, Women’s Health previously reported. In her newsletter recounting the big night, the Shotgun Wedding star noted that the couple “barely made it to the little white wedding chapel by midnight.” In fact, the venue stayed open late for the pair and even let them take pictures with a pink Cadillac convertible used by the king (ahem, Elvis) himself. (Very Vegas!)

As for what the Marry Me actress wore for her IRL big day? A dress from an old movie, of course—presumably one of the rom-com veteran’s impressive filmography.

But, for Bennifer 2.0 fans who were expecting a more A-list-worthy wedding, the pair tied the knot a second time in August 2022. The newlyweds held a gorgeous, star-studded ceremony at the Gone Girl actor’s Georgia home in which J.Lo stunned in not one, but three custom Ralph Lauren gowns, per People.

So while Jen and Ben were star-crossed lovers for years, the universe always knew these two were destined to reunite at the altar. It was never an issue of being incompatible, explains Lang. Jennifer and Ben are “loyal to the core;” they just have to find a way to work together, she notes. What with the PDA, red carpet appearances, European rendezvouses, and J.Lo’s major move to Los Angeles to be closer to Ben, it seems like the couple's first year of marriage is going well, but that’s not necessarily a sign that they’ll last long term.

Ahead, discover whether or not the stars are aligned for Bennifer this time around and what 2023 has in store for the couple, especially as they near their six-month wedding anniversary.

Jen and Ben picked up right where they left off, thanks to their Moon signs.

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Well, shouldn’t it have been a good sign back in 2002, you might ask? Yes, but consider the fact that J.Lo and Ben are more emotionally mature 19 years later and probably went through a lot of personal growth during their extremely long break and you got a solid recipe for a season two reunion.

In astrology, the moon represents how we feel and how we respond to pressure. With both their Moon signs in Scorpio, Jen and Ben have intense emotional needs. If they couldn’t meet each other’s needs back then, maybe having lived a bit more life, they can this time around. It’s likely that the “two feel right at home with one another and have plenty to talk about,” says Lang.

Their reunion aligned with two eclipses.

The same eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius that occurred when they first got together in 2002 also transmitted when they reunited in 2021, explains professional astrologer Lisa Stardust. ICYDK, eclipses are astrological occurrences that activate the lunar nodes.

The lunar nodes—destiny points that determine your fate or life path—foretell the same story from years ago, explains Stardust. Or, a different version of it. Read: Jen and Ben were cosmically pushed to reunite and have another chance to recreate their love story. Uh, if that’s not clear magic at work, then I don’t know what is.

Saturn brings a sense of stability to their 'ship.

“Jennifer’s Saturn opposes Ben’s Moon. Saturn is the planet of stability, and its influence shows a strong foundation for the relationship,” says Lang. “They can support one another in achieving their goals.” This is a biggie for allowing committed relationships to last.

“The downside with this aspect, though, is that Saturn’s often too serious,” Lang notes. To endure, Bennifer 2.0 needs to find ways to keep things light and fun.

But as fixed signs, Jen and Ben can often butt heads.

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Leos are fixed signs, meaning they can be a bit stubborn. Sure, it also means Jen and Ben are passionate, but if they’re passionate about opposing things, they’re likely to bicker, says Lang. “Fixed signs can hold their ground, making disagreements tough to move past.”

When it comes to those Scorpio Moons (Scorpio is a fixed water sign, BTW), Lang also notes that their emotional intensity can manifest in a number of ways. In some cases, they’ll be extra sensitive with one another, and in others, easily frustrated. Given their history and comfort with one another, Lang points out a tendency to push each other’s buttons just ‘cuz.

Venus brings staying power to their marriage.

Despite their disagreements, however, Jen and Ben are ride or die. Ben has his Venus in Cancer, meaning “if he really cares about someone, he’s not the type of person to let go,” notes Stardust. “He wants what he wants, and he won’t settle for anything less.”

Jen, on the other hand, has her Venus in Gemini. Meaning, she’s more free flowing when it comes to partnerships and commitment. However, as a talkative and curious air sign, as long as Ben is able to keep Jen on her toes, and is often reminding her of his commitment, this ‘ship is sure to last for many years.

See how Bennifer's relationship has shifted and progressed since their first meeting in 2001:

Mercury might be the couple’s saving grace.

Mercury is the planet of communication, and the pair share this one, too. Both their Mercuries are in Leo. “This indicates a common communication style. Leo in Mercury can have a flair for drama. They speak with charisma. There is a passion behind every word. They’re entertaining and might enjoy having friends over,” Lang says.

It’s unlikely that Jen and Ben will ever run out of things to talk about. Plus, it helps that Ben’s Neptune, the planet of spirituality, is in a favorable aspect with Jennifer’s Mercury. “This shows the couple has an intuitive sense of one another,” explains Lang, noting that it allows J.Lo to bring out Ben’s romantic side.

The newlyweds' rising signs are pushing them to hunker down in 2023.

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As this pair enters the new year, they’re longing to be homebodies, explains Stardust. That’s because both of their Moons are conjunct their South Nodes—a destiny point that represents your past life, as well as the lessons and wisdom you’re born with, she says.

With Ben’s Ascendant in Cancer and his Moon in his fifth house of self-expression, pleasure, and relationships, Ben wants to fully embody the stay-at-home husband role this year, adds Stardust. “He doesn’t want to go out. He wants to stay inside with his wife.” Similarly, with J.Lo’s Leo Ascendant, you may see the go-getter cut back on work hours to spend more time at home.

In 2023, don’t be surprised if you spot these two taking a break from traveling and Hollywood, and participating in more community events and initiatives.

“The biggest change we’re going to see is them making more time for their kids and doing one-on-one activities together,” says Stardust. For J.Lo, specifically, she’s going to be more selective about projects and might even turn down a few in order to make the relationship work, she adds.

Still, this couple might have some intense moments come the fall when Uranus, the planet of innovation and discovery, aspects their Sun signs, urging Bennifer to seek more independence from one another, Stardust explains. But it’s nothing the newlyweds can’t overcome to ensure their marriage stays “So Good” (get it?).

They’ve consciously decided to give their all to this relationship, and many of the upcoming transits will make them feel larger than life, as well as strengthen their commitment, explains Stardust. In other words, “the good outweighs the bad,” she says.

So, it seems that the sentiments J.Lo held for Ben when she penned “Dear Ben” still hold true today, and he is more than happy to return the same love back. (True love does exist!)

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