Jennifer Hudson Uses This $33 Retinol Cream for Glowing Skin

Jayla Andrulonis
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Jennifer Hudson Uses This $33 Retinol Cream for Glowing Skin

She called the drugstore buy one of her favorite things.

In the year that is 2020, we’ve learned more than ever the importance of carving out a personalized self-care routine. For some, that may mean journaling or picking up a new online fitness class, for others, it might look like a Netflix binge and a solid cry. This is a judgment-free zone. But for many of us, indulging in a skincare routine has been a chance to channel energy back into ourselves and, of course, improve our skin in the process.

For Jennifer Hudson, being consistent in the products she uses in her daily routine helps to free up her schedule. More specifically, she’s called out Olay’s Regenerist Retinol 24 Max Night Cream Face Moisturizer as one essential on her list of curated must-haves.

“I do like experimenting, though I do just like using my Olay retinol consistently,” Hudson told Allure. “I am consistently moving around, so it's hard to create a regimen. So by having [my Olay products, I can] sit with myself, create time for myself, and have a routine that gives me time for me — not what my makeup artist says or what someone else says. It's what I want to do for myself. It gives you time for self-care in the way you want to do it.”

As the face of Olay’s newest campaign, Hudson most recently called out the retinol-packed moisturizer in her profile on The Strategist’s Favorite Things. “This Olay moisturizer takes care of everything: It moisturizes and delivers retinol, so it keeps skin hydrated and plump,” she said. “I started using retinol a few years ago — I can’t remember exactly when — and have been very consistent with it. I haven’t stopped because it really makes a big difference in my skin.”

Since the fragrance-free moisturizer is packed with anti-aging retinol, it works to reduce wrinkles, replenish texture, and brighten up your glow all while you sleep. Olay recommends applying the hydrating cream at night by massaging it over your face and neck, and thanks to its quick-absorbing creamy formula, you can hit the pillow ASAP without worrying about stains. Now that’s self-care. Below, shop the Jennifer Hudson-approved anti-aging cream you can get at Walmart.

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