Jennifer Grey Reveals She Would Only Do 'Dirty Dancing' Sequel Under One Condition

'If you're going to do that movie again, it has to be right,' she said.

Jennifer Grey is accepting nothing less than perfect when it comes to the new Dirty Dancing sequel.

Grey, the actress from the original 1987 film, revealed on Good Morning America on Tuesday, Jan. 31 that she wouldn't be partaking in the remake of the classic movie unless it is done "right."

In order for the new film to really hit the mark, Grey believes it has to honor the legacy of Patrick Swayze, her co-star who passed away in 2009.

"We're not giving up any dates at the moment because...really, what I'm doing, my whole job with this, is to get it right, get it really right, in Patrick's honor, in honor of all of the fans' relationship with the movie," she stated, according to Entertainment Weekly.

"If you're going to do that movie again, it has to be right," she added.

Grey is famous for playing the role of Frances "Baby" Houseman, a young girl who falls in love with her dance instructor, Johnny Castle, played by Swayze. The iconic dance partners were ages 34 and 27, respectively, at the time of filming.

Grey, now 62, insists that the new sequel is "definitely happening," granted she finds it worthy enough. "It's something I refuse to do unless it's perfect, so I'm doing my very best to make sure we honor it."

While there hasn't been too much info about the sequel released to the public yet, we know that the film is believed to be set in the '90s, with Grey returning as her beloved character.

The late Swayze is expected to be incorporated in some way as a tribute to his work and life, though his wife previously claimed her husband would have opted out of the film if he were alive anyways.

"He would not do it again," his wife Lisa Niemi told Entertainment Tonight back in August 2022. "[The way they] left it was absolutely perfect. There were several iterations of a script for that movie, but Patrick had a high standard and wasn't gonna do it just for the money."

She went on to say, "Dirty Dancing was like lightning in a bottle. I don't think you can ever absolutely duplicate something."

While the magic of the original film may never be captured again, we know that Grey is going to do everything in her power to do the film justice.

The Dirty Dancing sequel is slated for release next year, on Feb. 9, 2024.

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