Jennifer Garner Has a Whale of a Time Singing in New Home Video

Jennifer Garner is back again with another lighthearted home video and she had the perfect outfit for the occasion.

The Last Thing He Told Me actress loves a good bit, and she had a whale of a time putting on her most recent one.

Taking to Instagram earlier today, May 6, Garner uploaded a brief video inspired by a popular TikTok trend. It starts with a soundbite that says, "My mom told me to just be myself and people would like me," played over a selfie-style video of the Once Upon a Farm founder biting into a large slice of apple, before flipping to another shot of her standing in front of a pair of french doors—assumedly in her own home—in a whale costume.

She waved her arms back and forth in front of her, making the costume ruffle, as she swayed back and forth, singing, "Baby beluga, baby beluga, is the water warm? Is your mama home with you so happy?" She pointed at the camera several times during the last line, freezing when the song was done and smiling up through the mouth of the costume as the camera zoomed in on her obscured face. 

"🐳🙋🏻‍♀️♥️," she captioned the silly video simply.

Fans delighted in the upbeat clip and were affirmative in their commentary that Garner is, in fact, quite beloved.

"You are seriously the coolest person in my mind!!! So talented yet so down to earth and humble you honestly can’t get better than that!!" one wrote.

"See!? It’s working," another pointed out.

"We like you a lot!" someone else confirmed.

The Alias actress is well-known for her witty Instagram videos, which often find her dressed up in campy, and sometimes even homemade outfits, and fans love to see her personality shine through in the little glimpses into her life!

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