Jennifer Garner’s Favorite Portable Lamp Has Us Ready to Host Alfresco Dinner Parties All Summer

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We Need Jennifer Garner’s Favorite Portable LampMaarten De Boer/Amazon

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We’ve been huge fans and followers of Jennifer Garner’s Pretend Cooking Show since the actor first debuted the concept on her Instagram and on YouTube more than 4 years ago.

To date, she’s walked us through several of her favorite dinner ideas from her culinary BFF Ina Garten, shared heirloom recipes from neighbors and family members (the Blueberry Buckle cook-along with Garner’s Mom was the sweetest virtual Mother’s Day “card”) and is real about her foibles and flops along the way.

"Sometimes I really do think about 50 percent of what I make works out. It doesn't deter me,” Garner told PEOPLE in March 2022.

No matter how she rates her recipes, 100% of every detail in her latest edition of the Pretend Cooking Show made us swoon.

Garner plays Hannah, the lead in Apple TV+’s new series The Last Thing He Told Me, which is based on the book by Laura Dave. For this cooking demo, Garner recreates one of the recipes explained in the book. The soundtrack? Garner’s voice recites a passage from the novel that explains not only how to make that Brown Butter and Sage Pasta recipe, but also offers some insights into the family dynamics featured in the book (and now show).

At the beginning of the “cooking show,” Garner takes us along into her gorgeous greenhouse to pick fresh sage to add to the recipe. To light the way, Garner carries a portable lamp that home design fans might admit steals the show from the pasta itself.

While many fans chimed in to say, “Brown butter and sage is one of my favorites!!! Maybe I can try this…” Others quickly changed the subject from the actual recipe to one luminous little detail that makes a 15-second cameo. “I need that light 😍” and “I love that portable light. 😍 What make is it?”

We were curious too, so we did some research and have your answer: This is MENU’s Carrie Portable LED Lamp, which can be ordered online from the retailer's website or Amazon and shipped to your doorstep.

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Carrie Portable LED Lamp


The lightweight Carrie LED Lamp is designed by Copenhagen-based Norm Architects. They set out to create an eco-friendly light that helps make Scandinavian design philosophies shine. It’s minimalist and sleek yet still feels extremely hygge, thanks to the warm glow from the orb light and the basket-like base. Garner’s greenhouse trek showed off one of the best features of all: Since this LED can be charged via a USB port, it can shine in its cordless glory for 10 hours before needing a boost.

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Carrie Portable LED Lamp


Available with a base in black, white, burned red, olive and the new brushed brass hue, we can’t wait to get our own Carrie lamp to add a dose of sophistication, style and extra light to our summer picnics and patio dinners.

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