Jennifer Aniston's Lolavie Hair Products Are Now at Ulta

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Jennifer Aniston's Lolavie Is Now at UltaLolavie

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When Jennifer Aniston's Lolavie launched in 2021, the Glossing Detangler became one of my fastest-ever product empties. I've since gone through so many more bottles. My hair just loves it. Ditto for the Leave-In Conditioner, Restorative Shampoo and Conditioner (a 2023 Hair Awards winner), and hair oil. I guess I'm not the only one. The brand, once only available on, just launched at Ulta.

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"We’re looking forward to welcoming new and existing guests to discover Lolavie in all 1,350+ stores across the US and on We’re thrilled to offer a physical touchpoint for Jennifer’s highly engaged fanbase to shop the full collection of her award-winning products, while providing Lolavie access to new consumers looking to upgrade their haircare routine with sustainable beauty options," Jessica Phillips, vice president of merchandising at Ulta Beauty, tells

Ahead of this exciting partnership, I hopped on a call with Aniston to chat all things hair and what's next for Lolavie (including a dry shampoo and Jason Bateman-approved pomade).

How's it been going with the brand? What's next?

It's been amazing—it's been almost I guess a little over a year or a year and a half. We've launched five products in multiple sizes, travel and your regular shower at home. We have just a lot of stuff we're working on for the future. The response has been unbelievable.

And we're constantly getting requests for product suggestions. We listen to them all and so a lot of them we're actually already working on, which is great. We just always want to make sure every product is right and we don't ever feel rushed to get it out. That's why we launched slowly with our one, the Glossing Detangler, and then the Leave-in Conditioner. It wasn't in any particular order, it was just which one kind of got to the finish line of perfection first.

As for what's next, we're launching in Ulta, which is a big swing and big exciting move for us. They're such incredible partner, their their values align with us, and they also have in- store salons. It just opens up the brand to such a wider audience than direct-to-consumer, because you could go into the store you can hold the product, hold the bottle, and try it out in the store. It's just a very exciting we're all very excited about it.

jennifer aniston lolavie ulta partnership

What's one thing that would surprise people about your hair?

I have very, very inconsistent hair. It's been through so much damage over the years—wear and tear. I've gone through rehabilitating it after really intense hair colorings over the years that went south, or whether I had to do a movie where I had hair full of extensions and that pays its price. I've always had a hard battle with keeping my hair healthy or getting it back to a healthy place. It's been healthy since, honestly, this product, and I'm not just saying it because it's my product! It's without all of the bad sulfites and silicones and all of the stuff that kind of, after a while. breaks your hair and damages your hair. All of our products are natural and filled with such nourishing ingredients, that it's actually been able to bring it back to life, especially the bamboo water essence. And that's been one of our main feedback reports from consumers is how their hair is coming back to life.

How often do you wash your hair?

If I'm not working I go as long as I can go because I think that it's better—less is more. When I am working it's a blow-dry or iron of some sort every day. So it usually needs a little rehab after a job. I usually go at least three to four days sometimes even. We're also working on a dry shampoo that will be out hopefully in the next few months or so. I do dabble in those. Showering for me is always get just get and get the job done and get out. Once or twice a week I'll do a steam. I put my steamer in the shower, and leave my hair conditioner on for a good 10 minutes and that gives it an extra boost of nutrition. That's nice and relaxing, to do a little meditation while you're sitting there.

Do you have any celeb friends that try to steal your products?

All the time—as they should! That's my pleasure. Especially my boys. We're working on a hair paste as well. So my friend Mr. Jason Bateman and even Sean Hayes—Bateman's addicted to it. I've given all of my samples to him. And I'm running out so we gotta get cooking on that one. He's got a lot of hair. People don't believe that it's his, they believe it's colored, it's not! It's natural, it's falls out of bed that way. It's an incredible head of hair and when you can tame that mane you know you're onto something good.

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What in your wellness routine do you think impacts your hair the most?

Everything, everything, everything. Health, water, hydration, sleep, proper diet, proper fats in your diet. If you are not nourished, if you're not nourishing your insides, and hydrating, drinking enough water, everything sort of shrivels up. So that's your hair too.

How do your workouts impact your hair?

I can usually smooth it out after a workout. If it's clean, I'll just give it a little spritz and just blow dry parts of it if it's straight. If I'm curly it doesn't matter, it's all just great. I just sort of maybe put a blow dryer to the hairline or whatever to get it shaped up nicely. Sometimes I'll put a little detangler in it to take out any frizz or oil. I love mixing the hair oil and detangler together. Just playing around with it. It's like Garanimals—you can mix and match them.

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